Monday, August 24, 2009

On Buck Showalter's Realignment Proposal

Couldn't have said it better myself:

"The NFL realigned its structure before the 2002 season, reassigning 11 teams within eight new divisions. That's worked out pretty well. The integrity of the MLB schedule could use an overhaul. Think the current schedule is fair or balanced?

Go ask the Orioles. Because of the current format's emphasis on divisional play, the Orioles have to play the Yankees, Red Sox and Rays 18 times EACH. That adds up to 54 games against those three teams, meaning Baltimore is forced to play one-third of its schedule against three of the best teams in baseball. That's ridiculous. You think the Brewers or the Astros or any NL Central team faces a divisional schedule even remotely as difficult? The balance is completely out of whack." --Steve Berthiaume, ESPN


  1. Typical O's..That is a real cop out, how bout you just have a good team and learn to play with the big boys instead of trying to realign (hide) from competition?

  2. My new checklist:

    -Have a good baseball team.

    -Cure cancer

    Anything else?

  3. Yes because the Rays and Red Sox have such inherent market advantages??? Where was Boston's market advantage for oh say the 80 years before 2003? And where has Tampa's advantage been? This is absurd...

  4. What a pathetic fan...If having the O's be good again is equated to curing cancer in your mind than maybe you should just give up on the baseball and focus on complaining only about the redskins. I don't see you asking to realign the NFL just because your going to get your ass kicked by everyone in the nfc east this year?? Stop crying about who you have to play and worry about how good your own team is


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