Monday, June 22, 2009

NFL Team Rankings - Super Bowl Era

A couple weeks ago, we came out with the 30-Year MLB Rankings. In that spirit, I am unveiling DCLS's 43-Year NFL Rankings.

Fourty-three years, of course, refers to the Super Bowl Era. It's purely semantic that the first four Super Bowls crowned an "AFL-NFL World Champion", whereas the next 39 crowned an "NFL World Champion", so spare me some ridiculous argument about the merger.

League-best numbers are in yellow and NFC East teams are color-coded (!) for your convenience as most of you can't read.


Again, just as with the MLB Rankings, the scoring system may need some tweaking, and "Hot Cheerleaders" probably deserves a category of its own.

[Click table for a barely more focused view]

It pains me to see Dallas on top of such a list, but I knew what I was getting into when I applied the formula. So let's just not talk about that.

The Redskins at 9th is about where I expected them to be, and I can't hide my joy at the Eagles being division bottom-feeders, sitting at 14th overall. Praise.

What do you take from this? Other than the fact that the Eagles have won ZERO Super Bowls and have had ZERO MVP's, and are probably at least one life-altering dietary program by Donovan McFlabb away from getting a chance to lose another?

[Note: you could only absorb the above and I'd be happy]

1) The NFC East is not just the best division in football right now; it's the most prestigious division in football history. By a lot.

2) Looking at this list and seeing two separate franchises from Los Angeles in the top-5 and then realizing there is currently no pro football team in Los Angeles nearly makes my head explode.

3) Arizona is dreadful. Take away last year and you're looking at 11 total points in 43 years. Or, more simply, two 10-win seasons and four playoff appearances. In 43 years. Pathetic.

4) Lastly, speaking of pathetic, I'd like to reiterate that the Eagles have never won, and will never win, a Super Bowl Championship.


  1. When did the Rams win a second title?

  2. And the Raiders have three. I just picked up those two errors off-hand, so you might wish to double check the rest.


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