Friday, June 26, 2009

NBA Draft Review

We could have had Rubio................

I would like to give a big middle finger to Grunfeld for that stupid trade, Agent-0 for having a fat contract that is preventing a rebuild, and Agent-0 again for refusing to shift to SG for the good of the team. I would then like to give a 2nd middle finger to Grunfeld for creating a giant hole at the rugged-PF-rebounder spot, then passing on Dejuan Blair in the 2nd round for "cash considerations". The Spurs ended up grabbing Blair, and which is why they are the best drafting team of the last 15 or so years; this is not always rocket science.

The Wiz could have walked away from this night with Ricky Rubio and Dejuan Blair if we had stayed pat. Thanks to the general league stupidity, we could have had 2 of our 5 future starters and been well on our way to a good rebuilding effort, unbelievable. Hey, at least we didn't draft 4 point guards. My mood was also slightly brightened by my sister's observation that Rubio looked like "the guy from the new 90210"; as you can see in the pictures above, she is absolutely right. This makes me feel slightly better about not drafting Rubio.

The worst draft ever (WDE) lived down to expectations, with a relatively predictable top-15 from Chad Ford's latest reports, no big trades, and no ridiculous suits. Hasheem Thabeet ran away with the worst suit award for that silver number that made him look like a wet hippopotamus, in addition to his $2 million yellow diamond earings.

I thought the night could be saved by the draft's most entertaining prospect, Brandon Jennings, aka Young Money. This only led to me getting even angrier when I discovered that Young Money backed out of attending the draft when he was not guaranteed a lottery spot, which meant I would miss both his suit and interview. I actually yelled for joy when he was picked #10, then angrily cursed-out Fran Fraschila when I realized Young Money wasn't at MSG. Oh, but my man didn't totally dissapoint, making a grand entrance 4 picks later, totally upstaging the current selection thanks to David Stern's intro, and blowing a kiss to the draft audience. Given that Young Money got to MSG within about 10 minutes of being selected, he clearly had the suit on and ready should a lottery team have selected him, and planned on making that grand entrance, what a guy. That said, the suit was lame, which was probably because he wasn't sure he was going to be at the draft, and his interview was also short and underwhelming.

As if all of that wasn't enough, Dejuan "Hot Stuff" Summers slipped into the 2nd round, where he is not guaranteed an NBA contract. What an idiot, he passed on being a 2nd round pick last year, then left GTown after an okay season because of the WDE, thinking that this was his best shot at getting a guaranteed 1st round deal, and then falls to the 2nd round anyway. The worst-case for him after playing another year in college was the 2nd round, and he would have had a chance to boost his stock and play for what should have been a top-10 Hoya team. I hate my life almost as much as Summers hates his right now.

I was also wrong about Jordan Hill's profile reading "Must improve: Offensive game". Although I still think his offense sucks, I now think the profile should read "Must improve: Ability to speak english". His interview with Mark Jones was the highlight of the night, no question.

Maybe things will get better, as there should be some trades in the next few days, possibly including the Wiz dealing for a veteran big man. In the meantime, I am going to pour some boiling water down my throat.

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