Friday, April 9, 2010

Comment Turned Post (New Feature!): Redskins Can Win Now

Here's a new feature, boys and girl(s?). Excellent comment of the week gets posted. Long or short, awesome or incomprehensibly stupid, whatever. You write it, we may post it. This week, "Anonymous" weighs in on Donovan McNabb and Albert Haynesworth...

But, are we better off with Haynesworth playing 50% of downs in a system he doesn't not approve of holding the gaps? It seems like he is being under utilized in this schematic. Although, if he was pushed to the same side as Orakpo we might have a defense that only has to cover one side of the field (1/2 of the time). But, that is also a big chance.

What is his market value at such a reasonable price? 1st rounder? 2nd rounder? 1st and 3rd? McNabb may be 33, but Favre is 40 and in the right system he thrived last year. If we can turn Haynesworth into multiple draft picks, can't we shore up the 0-line? I know we had a 2nd round pick and this doesn't seem much different, but seriously you have no desire and neither does any other Redskins team to watch either of the following for the 6th or 7th year: a defense which is good to very good, but does not force turnovers which is why an aggressive 3-4 would be nice or (and this is the kicker) an offense that you know CANNOT score points. We need to do something dramatic on offense and that might just be take a proven quarterback that can inspire confidence, then maybe trade our QB for a low rounder and our biggest asset for a few higher picks.

Plus, you seem to be forgetting one thing. You care about metrics and many people including staff, players and scouts recognize the legitimacy of what you're saying, but the Redskins don't win with Campbell at the helm. When you're not winning, it's the end of the game and you need a game winning drive, players don't go, "Yay, Jason's back there, his metrics are mediocre." He hasn't proven anything. No one will deny you or Gladwell that he has not been placed in ideal or even a decent situation as a QB. But, his confidence and the players around him's confidence in him, cannot be that high. That has to count for something. And yes, I am aware that McNabb's number one most memorable drive is his Super Bowl loss which might be the worst managed drive in the history of football. But, remember two things about that. One, it was a SUPER BOWL loss, which means they were there in the last 19 years. He also has 4 NFC Championship losses, which means they were there in the last 19 years. That's real hope, something that we as Skins fans have not truly had since, '92 or '93. I was fucking 9 years old. Two, McNabb doesn't like to wait just wait until the end of the game to show up. He takes chances early and can make plays all game long. The Eagles have regularly blown out teams this past decade. Which means McNabb likes to score points.

As for superior talent. I'll give you last year, we were ass. But, Westbrook has been perpetually hurt his career and wasn't Todd Pinkston a #1 for them at some point? Didn't James Thrash lead them in receptions at some point? T.O. for a year and the great DeSean Jackson (who only caught 5 balls a game last year, but made everyone count) are the only receiver they have had. But, McNabb made everyone of those guys have their best seasons possible.

I am not saying this is a surefire thing, but we've got to build our offense and a 33 year old QB is not necessarily over the hill. a great D, just isn't that much fun to watch. I'd rather be a Houston fan than a Skins fan right now in terms of excitement. We might be headed there.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Truth on McNabb and Trading Fat Albert - Can't Have it Both Ways

I thought the Redskins were going to give us a relatively quiet offseason by merely hiring a new coaching staff to go with a new GM, cutting some big-name tenured veterans, and then almost doing something crazy like reaching for a QB with the #4 overall pick - run of the mill around here. Silly me! We opted instead to make the biggest move of the offseason by trading for the longtime starting QB of an arch-rival and are now actively shopping the most expensive and arguably best defensive player in the NFL. It has taken me a few days to digest everything, but I knew right away that I am not a fan of the McNabb deal for the following reasons:
  • Check the stats and metrics, he only gives us a modest upgrade over JC. I think people underrate JC, and overrate McNabb.
  • JC is getting a year older in a good way, and McNabb a year older in a bad way.
  • McNabb comes from a team with a superior offensive line and better weapons to achieve those better stats.
  • McNabb has never had to learn a new offense, so those slightly superior stats come from a comfortable offense. Given that JC has been in a new offense almost every year of his career, we actually have some idea of how he will perform, McNabb has not been in this situation since his rookie year. This is just one more reason to think that next year's JC and McNabb on the Redskins will not be all that different.
  • We are a rebuilding team that needs all of its picks/young players and does not need older players who will not be here very long.

Everything seems just dandy right now though

But McNabb can give us the 1-2 more wins we need to make the playoffs you say? A minor improvement is all you need in some games to get a win, this is true, but that assumes our defense will be at least as good as it was last year. Bare in mind that our mediocre defense is undergoing a dramatic change to a 3-4 formation, and we really have no idea what to expect.

I hated Greg Blache because I think his scheme was too conservative for a team that has playmakers, particularly for a team with an offense that needed every advantage it could get. I really thought a new coordinator could unlock the potential of our defense, but I certainly don't think that will happen right away in a 3-4 scheme. Our defensive line was our strength personnel-wise, with Haynesworth, Gholston, Griffin, and Montgomery in the middle, and Carter and Rack outside. In a 3-4? Rack will be a terror, but Carter is out of position, Griffin has already been cut, Gholston is an undersized nose tackle and so-so DE, and Haynesworth's talents are wasted in a 3-4 front. I think Anthony Montgomery could be a great nose tackle, but, on the whole, this scheme does not play to the strengths of our personnel.

Fat Albert must have skipped lunch, because he looks hungry!

Which brings me to the idea of trading Fat Albert, who I think is still absolutely dominant as a 4-3 DT. In a 3-4 defense, I think he will be excellent as a NT or DE, but his playmaking ability will be severely limited. As a 4-3 DT, I think he is worth the money he is being paid as the most expensive defensive player in the league, but in a 3-4, he likely will not be worth that money due to circumstances beyond his control. This leaves the Redskins with an overpaid, polarizing personality who has plenty of trade value. That said, we have already paid him the bulk of his contract, and actually have an underpriced asset who could be the key to this 3-4 defense working immediately.

My take is that the Skins already missed the boat on getting rid of his massive contract when we gave him that $21 million bonus a week ago, so the reason for wanting to get rid of him now is that the new regime wants a fresh start with players who are all 'on board'. Haynesworth is already at odds with Shanahan, and it appears to be Shanahan's way or the highway. I usually wouldn't mind moving Haynesworth, despite that fact that I still think he is the best defensive player in football, because of the 3-4 switch and the fact that we are rebuilding and want good team chemistry. But doesn't trading Haynesworth directly conflict with the McNabb trade? The reasons for trading Haynesworth are similar to the reasons for not trading for McNabb. Either you rebuild, or your try to win now, you can't have it both ways. The Skins have already traded away picks for a 32 year old quarterback, which means that we want to win now, and if we want to win now, we are better off with Fat Albert, ego, fake injuries, contract, and all, than draft picks.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Caps Sweep Regular Season vs. Pens; Are NHL's Current Hottest Team

So much for "coasting" into the playoffs. That's four wins in a row, tops in the NHL at the moment:
  1. basically without even trying,
  2. against teams trying their faces off, and
  3. without their/the NHL's best defenseman (Green) for the past two.
Wishin' you were still in red, Brent?

I should note the Blackhawks have four wins in a row too; but the Caps beat them most recently, so tie goes to the awesome.

Other sweet things about tonight: (and why didn't someone alert me to the simplicity radness of bullet points earlier?)
  1. The Caps swept the season series from the Pens.
  2. The Pens are now 0-9-1 against the Caps (0-3-1) and Devils (0-6) this season, the East's #1 and #2 teams, respectively. But the regular season means nothing. Sure.
  3. Ovechkin potted two, and is now tied with Crosby for the lead in the Richard race (48).
  4. The Caps continue to get absolutely screwed on the penalty disparity against the Pens, yet equal them in power play goals. 1-4 for the Pens, 1-1 for the Caps. That's 15 games in a row where the Pens have had as many or more power plays than the Caps. Hmm.
  5. Jeff Schultz.
As for Schultz. If he remains healthy (quickly, find some wood and knock on it), this will be the first playoffs these Caps have ever had with him. If you recall, he was injured against the Flyers in '08, and broke his rib during game 1 against the Rags last spring and missed the rest of the playoffs.

His presence would be at least a good thing, possibly a great thing. He was a +5 with 2 assists tonight while logging 25 minutes of ice time. He absolutely shut down Crosby (power play goal) and whatever other chumps pass for "scorers" on the Pens these days. My subjective memory tells me that Malkin has a hard time solving Schultz's well-positioned, large body. What I'm saying is, Schultz could just be the secret playoff weapon nobody is talking about. If tonight is any indicator, I am right.

So hooray to the streaking Caps, losing Pens, the magical Mr. Nasty and Ovechkin back where he belongs atop the goal-scoring charts. I cannot wait to see these dinguses in the playoffs.

[Image via REUTERS/Jason Cohn]

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Poll Results: Caps First Round Opponents

Fantastic voter turnout for this one, and a pretty obvious preference indicated by Caps Nation.

Out of 144 voters, 74% do NOT want to face the Flyers (38%) or Canadiens (36%) in the first round of the playoffs. I can't say I disagree.

After last night's OT win over Boston - a game in which we benched Mike Green and no Caps forward saw more than 18:20 of ice time - it's pretty clear we have the mental edge over the Bruins as we near the postseason. Ditto for the Thrashers, and ditto for the Rangers (although perhaps less so than the others).

What's unfortunate is that the Flyers are slotted in that 8-spot right now and, despite serious recent struggles, might be there to stay. I know we can beat 'em, you know we can beat 'em, my cousin's dead blind dog knows we can beat 'em. It just might require a little more focus than your everyday first round fodder.

Who knows - maybe that's a good thing? Let's just say it is.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Orioles Half Game Back in AL East Race

I hate hate hate the Yankees, but you know that already. So why the hell not?

2010 MLB Predictions

Similar to our NHL Preview - which in hindsight was horribly wrong in so many ways - we decided to compile our predictions for the upcoming MLB Season.

I can't decide what I'm more excited for: Matt Wieters & Brian Matusz, Round II, or Stephen Strasburg for the first time. I think when they face off in May during interleague play my head might explode. I'm looking forward to that (especially in light of this Donovan Mcnabb...situation).

On to the predictions, which are listed division by division, followed by playoff predictions and two major individual awards. Feel free to sift through the unimportant stuff (like when the Yankees, Red Sox, or Phillies are listed first at anything).

AL East


1. (tie) Boston
1. (tie) New York
3. Tampa Bay
4. Baltimore
5. Toronto


Rico Fantastic - 1. Boston, 2. New York, 3. Tampa Bay, 4. Baltimore, 5. Toronto
Red Rover - 1. Boston, 2. Tampa Bay, 3. New York, 4. Toronto, 5. Baltimore
Marion's Crackpipe - 1. New York, 2. Tampa Bay, 3. Boston, 4. Baltimore, 5. Toronto
Iafrate's Baldspot - 1. New York, 2. Boston, 3. Tampa Bay, 4. Baltimore, 5. Toronto


Baby steps for the O's?! What a sexy pick for 4th place in the AL East, if I may say so myself. And to think, only a few years ago we took 4th place for granted. Ahh, the days when the Rays were the Devil Rays. I refuse to talk about the Red Sox or the Yankees. It's just no fun. You know what else is no fun? This Red Rover character. Have some faith in the O's, bro. They don't need your reverse-jinxing nonsense. Baseball Jesus the First is jinx-proof and you know it.

AL Central


1. Minnesota
2. Detroit
3. Chicago
4. Cleveland
5. Kansas City


Rico Fantastic - 1. Detroit, 2. Minnesota, 3. Chicago, 4. Cleveland, 5. Kansas City
Red Rover - 1. Minnesota, 2. Chicago, 3. Detroit, 4. Cleveland, 5. Kansas City
Marion's Crackpipe - 1. Minnesota, 2. Detroit, 3. Chicago, 4. Cleveland, 5. Kansas City
Iafrate's Baldspot - 1. Minnesota, 2. Detroit, 3. Cleveland, 4. Chicago, 5. Kansas City


I'm the lone ranger when it comes to doubting the Twins. Not because I don't like the Twins or anything (although I will admit a slight bitterness toward Joe Mauer for discovering his power before Wieters bursted on the scene). I just think the Tigers' lineup will generate a ton of runs. Scott Sizemore will be as good as people think and Miguel Cabrera will be sober even better than he has been. I trust their rotation a lot more than the Twins', too. Scott Baker as your ace will never cut it.

AL West


1. Los Angeles
2. (tie) Seattle
2. (tie) Texas
4. Oakland


Rico Fantastic - 1. Los Angeles, 2. Seattle, 3. Texas, 4. Oakland
Red Rover - 1. Los Angeles, 2. Oakland, 3. Texas, 4. Seattle
Marion's Crackpipe - 1. Seattle, 2. Texas, 3. Los Angeles, 4. Oakland
Iafrate's Baldspot - 1. Los Angeles, 2. Texas, 3. Seattle, 4. Oakland


The Angels just might have the best rotation, 1-5, in the Majors. Non-apologies to the Red Sox and Yankees. When Joe Saunders and Joel Pineiro are your #3 and #4, respectively, you have a huge advantage over other teams. Kendry Morales will continue to be awesome, with Torii Hunter and Bobby Abreu providing the veteran presence in the lineup. I don't think the Mariners are that far behind if Erik Bedard can stay healthy, which would give them a formidable top three of King Felix, Cliff Lee, and Bedard. But come on. Bedard cannot and will not stay healthy, so the point's moot.

NL East


1. Philadelphia
2. Atlanta
3. New York
4. Florida
5. Washington


Rico Fantastic - 1. Philadelphia, 2. New York, 3. Atlanta, 4. Florida, 5. Washington
Red Rover - 1. Atlanta, 2. Philadelphia, 3. New York, 4. Florida, 5. Washington
Marion's Crackpipe - 1. Philadelphia, 2. Atlanta, 3. Florida, 4. New York, 5. Washington
Iafrate's Baldspot - 1. Philadelphia, 2. Florida, 3. New York, 4. Atlanta, 5. Washington


Here are a few things for Nats fans to be excited about during the upcoming season: Baseball Jesus the Second's MLB debut, the continued incomprehensible sub-4.00 ERA a-la Jeremy Guthrie from John Lannan, a full season with Nyjer Morgan leading off, and the perennial awesomeness of Ryan Zimmerman. Unfortunately, there are many things Nats fans should be lamenting: Jason Marquis (career ERA 4.48, career WHIP 1.42) masquerading as a staff ace, 38-year old Ivan Rodriguez stealing precious playing time from Jesus Flores, the absence of Jordan Zimmerman, and a manager who has an unfortunate history with pitching phenoms. Other than that, things look great!

NL Central


1. St. Louis
2. Chicago
3. Milwaukee
4. Cincinnati
5. Houston
6. Pittsburgh


Rico Fantastic - 1. St. Louis, 2. Milwaukee, 3. Cincinnati, 4. Chicago, 5. Houston, 6. Pittsburgh
Red Rover - 1. St. Louis, 2. Cincinnati, 3. Chicago, 4. Milwaukee, 5. Houston, 6. Pittsburgh
Marion's Crackpipe - 1. St. Louis, 2. Chicago, 3. Milwaukee, 4. Cincinnati, 5. Houston, 6. Pittsburgh
Iafrate's Baldspot - 1. St. Louis, 2. Chicago, 3. Milwaukee, 4. Cincinnati, 5. Houston, 6. Pittsburgh


Three things you can be certain of in this world: death, taxes, and the Pittsburgh Pirates missing out on the playoffs. And you can take that to the bank.

NL West


1. Los Angeles
2. Colorado
3. San Francisco
4. Arizona
5. San Francisco


Rico Fantastic - 1. Los Angeles, 2. San Francisco, 3. Colorado, 4. Arizona, 5. San Diego
Red Rover - 1. Colorado, 2. Los Angeles, 3. San Francisco, 4. Arizona, 5. San Diego
Marion's Crackpipe - 1. Colorado, 2. Los Angeles, 3. San Francisco, 4. Arizona, 5. San Diego
Iafrate's Baldspot - 1. Los Angeles, 2. San Francisco, 3. Colorado, 4. Arizona, 5. San Diego


The NL West is by far my favorite division in baseball. The presumed top three teams each can make  a legitimate claim as a World Series contender. Three of my favorite players in baseball play in this division: Pablo Sandoval, Matt Kemp, and Troy Tulowitzki. The best pitcher in the history of the world not named Brian Matusz is Clayton Kershaw. Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating. But the race for the NL West will be exciting. It will never outhype that lame Yankees-Red Sox-Rays thing, but I wouldn't be surprised if it came down to the final game of the year for the divisional crown.

Wild Card Picks

Rico Fantastic - New York (AL), San Francisco (NL)
Red Rover - Tampa Bay (AL), Philadelphia (NL)
Marion's Crackpipe - Tampa Bay (AL), Atlanta (NL)
Iafrate's Baldspot - Boston (AL), Chicago (NL)

World Series Picks

Rico Fantastic - Los Angeles Angels over Los Angeles Dodgers
Red Rover - Colorado Rockies over Tampa Bay Rays
Marion's Crackpipe - New York Yankees over Colorado Rockies
Iafrate's Baldspot - New York Yankees over Los Angeles Dodgers

MVP Picks

Rico Fantastic - Alex Rodriguez, NYY (AL); Prince Fielder, MIL (NL)
Red Rover - Carl Crawford, TB (AL); Albert Pujols, STL (NL)
Marion's Crackpipe - Joe Mauer, MIN (AL); Albert Pujols, STL (NL)
Iafrate's Baldspot - Alex Rodriguez, NYY (AL); Ryan Howard, PHI (NL)

Cy Young Picks

Rico Fantastic - Felix Hernandez, SEA (AL); Clayton Kershaw, LAD (NL)
Red Rover - Brett Anderson, OAK (AL); Tim Lincecum, SF (NL)
Marion's Crackpipe - Felix Hernandez, SEA (AL); Roy Halladay, PHI (NL)
Iafrate's Baldspot - Jon Lester, BOS (AL); Roy Halladay, PHI (NL)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Caps Win the Presidents' Trophy!

I want to have the news first, and the Sharks just lost in OT to the Avalanche, meaning the Caps have clinched/won the President's Trophy with 114 points and 4 games to play (note the sweet little star). The Sharks sit at 107 points, with 3 games left, meaning the highest point total they can reach is 113. The Blackhawks have 105 points and 4 games left, so also can only reach 113 points.

Not quite the Stanley Cup

With the Caps 'sputtering' through these last few games, my excitement is mooted, but we should still be proud of being the best team in this regular season and happy that we will enjoy home ice advantage throughout the playoffs, particularly on a night when the Wizards just played in the toilet bowl and the Skins were back to their old 'tricks' (or something like that). Let's just hope we also get the trophy for being the best team in the playoffs.

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Say It With Me: Donovan McNabb is the Washington Redskins' Newest Starting Quarterback

I can only assume he is starting, because why else would you give up a 2nd round pick AND a third or fourth round pick next year during a "rebuild" unless you thought you were getting a starter? Right?

Regardless, we're all gonna have to get used to loving supporting a guy we've been programmed to hate for the last 11 years. Although, I've hated him less and less over the last few as my fear of him has decreased. Early in his career, he tore the 'Skins to shreds on the ground. In his prime a few years ago, he just tore everyone to shreds. The last few years, he's only been able to tear the grass to shreds, specifically those patches 10 yards behind Kevin Curtis.

Exact scientific rendering of what McNabb will look like in a 'Skins uni. Get used to it.

My brain is just about ready to explode with confusion. My gut reaction is that this is horrible, so I'll just go with that. I mean, haven't we seen this movie before? Overpaying (in the form of undervalued draft picks, which the Eagles are now assuredly going to turn into perennial All-Pros) for the washed-up vet? The former Pro Bowler who will never again be an All-Pro after donning the curse that is the B&G jersey? And what the hell, Shannahan and Allen!?!?!?!? I thought you were supposed to be DIFFERENT! It's like there's something in the water in Ashburn that turns every formerly successful NFL coach into some variation of a Snyder-esque doofus. This Campbell undermining and acquiring of declining stars is just Cerrato 2.0.

Judging by either conventional stats or the metrics, McNabb was barely better than Campbell last season - and McNabb actually had an offensive line and some explosive receivers to work with. Numbers aside, he's never been known to have the intangibles of a leader. For some reason, every Eagles fan seemed to hate him. Then again, Eagles fans are dumb.

He does have a winning record in his career, and he is automatically the best QB the 'Skins have had since '99 Brad Johnson, and he knows the WCO and....HEY STOP IT FALSE OPTIMISM! YOUR SORCERY WILL NOT WORK ON ME!

Anyways the best part of the trade is this signals the end of the flirtations with Notre Dame QB Jimmy Claussen and the increased likelihood we'll draft much needed OT stud Russel Okung with the #4 pick. I'd rather root for McNabb for a minute than Claussen ever. The worst part is that poor Rex Grossman just lost his best chance at a starting position for the rest of his life. That makes me sad.

Anyways, bye bye Campbell. I will be rooting for you wherever you land, so that you can stick it to the idiot haters.

UPDATE: Just posted on my facebook wall from the one Eagles fan I am "friends" with: "Enjoy Donovan." So, yeah.

UPDATE 2: Just got this e-mail from another Eagles fan friend: "Hope you enjoy our washed-up waste of money choke artist QB." Safe to say Philly consensus is they come out ahead on this one, no?

Wizard-Nets Toilet Bowl Running Diary: 4th Quarter

4th Quarter
  • We have an Earl Boykins sighting. Really? The Wiz lineup is now Cartier Martin, Earl Boykins, James Singleton, Mike Miller, and Andray Blatche; another solid maneuver in the John Wall sweepstakes.
  • We're up to 26 turnovers and the Wiz lead is now 6. In related news, the Caps clinch the President's Trophy if San Jose does not win tonight against Colorado.
  • Blatche tries 2 absurd posterization attempts that are both blocked, but is now up to 16-12-8. The Wiz lead is now 4. This is also a good time to point out that even though the Nets are 2-60 when behind after 3 quarters, the Wiz are only 14-12 when holding a lead after 3.
  • Hey Flip, maybe this is a good time to put Sushi back in considering he was the team's best player in the 3rd quarter.
  • Flip finally puts Sushi back in, and Cartier is still out there getting crunch-time minutes.
  • Wow! I had the Yankees-Red Sox on TV #2 and I see ESPN just started scrolling that the Eagles have agreed to trade McNabb to the Skins! I don't even know where to begin with this. Texts and emails are flying fast!
  • Oh right, basketball.......Wiz-Nets is now 102-94. There have been a couple huge dunks from Terrence Williams and McGee thanks to gaping holes in terrible defenses. We're at 29 turnovers combined, Blatche is 1 rebound away from the triple-double. Meanwhile, the Warriors are leading the Raptors, meaning the Wiz will keep pace for the 2nd-worst record in the league, despite a win.
  • The Yankees just went yard twice on Beckett. The Red Sox newfound defense can't field those.
  • Wiz are 'cruising' to victory with Blatche still 1 rebound away from the triple-double, which he just grabbed with about 20 seconds left, only to have it called off for a foul. Then, Cartier Martin snatches a missed Net shot away from Blatche, only to realize half a second too late what he's done. Andray is not happy, and Cartier just made himself a reservation back to the D-League. Wiz win 109-99. The Warriors game on Tuesday may decide the 2nd-worst record in the league. I will now turn my attention to hockey, where the Sharks are up 2-1 after 1 period.
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Wizard-Nets Toilet Bowl Running Diary: 3rd Quarter

3rd Quarter
  • Miss, miss, 3-pointer, turnover, turnover, miss.
  • My computer just froze and made me lose about 9 minutes of action, don't worry, you didn't miss anything except for a Shaun Livingstone aggressive spin-move to the rim for a layup and one. He showed the kind of burst and athleticism he has lacked since ruining his knee.
  • Sushi is up to 16 points, Blatche is at 14-10-7, and Mike Miller has 16 points and 12 boards.
  • Javale brought the ball upcourt at one point, then handed-off to Blatche to initiate from straightaway above the 3-point line. Having your 7' center and 6'11" power forward bring the ball upcourt and initiate from outside the 3-point line is exactly how you win the John Wall lottery.
  • Cartier Martin finally checks back in with 1:35 left in the 3rd. He immediately shows some confidence from his 1st-half performance by initiating the offense, only to shoot an air ball. Someone should remind him that his 'solid' performance is coming against the Nets. I couldn't find a picture of him with the Wiz, so went with the D-League one.
  • Nets go on a little run to cut the lead to 9 by the end of the quarter, 80-71. Bad news for John Wall hopefuls, as the Nets are 2-60 when behind after 3 quarters. Sushi was the best Wiz player that quarter, scoring 9 points, even though he sat for the last couple minutes.
(Image of Cartier Martin courtesy of and stats courtesy of and

Wizard-Nets Toilet Bowl Running Diary: 2nd Quarter

2nd Quarter
  • Miss, miss, miss, awful pass/turnover, miss, miss
  • The Nets offense looks like it is trying to run out the clock. 35-22 Wiz, Blatche has 6 pts, 8 assists, 4 rebounds, and is already a +13 in this game as he hasn't come off the floor.
  • Cedric Jackson turns it over by throwing a pass behind a cutting Cartier. That is exactly the connection I'm looking to lead us to victory in the John Wall sweepstakes.
  • A defensive mix up leads to CDR embarrassing Javale McGee 1-on-1. Wiz up 10.
  • Cartier somehow gets Yi guarding him and takes him right to the rack for a layup. Then gets subbed with 8 points so far.
  • Courtney Lee nails a 3 to cut the Wiz lead back down to 10. It must suck that he played for the Magic last year.
  • Yi, just grazes the front rim from about 19 feet. But hey, he looks great working against a folding chair.
  • Miller goes down rubbing and grabbing his shoulder. Looks like it might have sublexed (popped out and back in), but he's staying in the game. He should remember he's a free agent after the season and we are 22-53.
  • Blatche decides not to pass to a wide open Sushi in the corner by going 1-on-2 to the rim, scores and draws a foul from Yi. The triple-double watch is now at 9 points, 8 assists, and 5 boards. Yi also looks like he might be throwing this game.
  • Camera pans through the Wizards cheerleaders - I'd say about half hot, and almost looks like they make the hot and no-so-hot alternate when they stand together.
  • We just got our first decent view of the stands. Surprisingly, the first level is about half-full.
  • Halftime, Wiz up 45-38, after having led by 14 points earlier in the quarter.
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Wizard-Nets Toilet Bowl Running Diary: 1st Quarter

I am so excited about the Wizards-Nets Toilet Bowl that I have decided to do a running diary. I decided to skip timestamps, so here are my thoughts for the game by quarter:

First Quarter
  • Whaddya know, Jarvis Hayes starts for the Nets. I think if he started since game 1 this season, the Nets should be investigated for purposefully tanking. Zing! Thank you, I will literally be here all night.
  • Young Sushi is starting, and has a heinous haircut. He told me his family is in town this weekend, so maybe he took notice from Ovie and had his Mom gave him that 'do.
  • Play-by-play to start the game: miss, miss, layup, miss, miss - sounds about right
  • Buck and Phil Chenier keep telling us how Andray Blatche has destroyed the Nets this year, wow, he and everyone else in the league.....Good thing no one is watching....
  • Nice crisp passing allows for a nice shot over some good defense. Oh wait, that's the Spurs-Lakers game on my other TV.
  • Blatche has 5 assists in under 9 minutes of play to help the Wiz lead 19-14. It also helps that we are playing the Nets, who have shot 5-18 to open the game.
  • Cartier Martin hits a 3 right after coming in and now drives baseline for a reverse layup, and one! He literally does not appear to be sweating. Didn't he get the memo we need John Wall? Wiz up 27-18.
  • Thanks to a buzzer beating tip-in by Mike Miller, Wiz lead 29-22 at the end of the first quarter. Nets are shooting 9-22, Wiz 13-25.

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Wizards-Nets Tale of the Tape: The Worst Game of the NBA Season

I've been pretty quiet on the Wizards front, and with good reason, but I can't resist tonight's matchup between the likely 2 worst teams in the NBA, the 11-65 Nets against our 22-53 Wizards. Sure the Wiz are only tied for the 2nd-worst record in the league, but that includes our time with Gil, Caron, and Jamison, not this current squad. So here is a quick rundown of what we are looking at tonight (Nets figure first):
  • Record: 30th and T-29th
  • Point differential: 29th and 26th
  • Points per game: 30th and 26th
  • Field Goal %: 30th and 25th
  • Turnovers-caused per game: T-19th, T-21st
  • Assist/Turnover ratio: 26th and T-27th
  • Combined record when ahead at the half: 17-32
  • Combined record when committing fewer turnovers than opponent: 17-45
You get the idea...bring on the toilet bowl!

(Image courtesy of, stats courtesy of and