Monday, February 22, 2010

FEROCIOUS Beltway Battle for Jesus Moniker?!

 Maybe not ferocious, but it'd be a lot cooler if it was.

DCLS favorite Matt Wieters a.k.a "Baseball Jesus" might have some competition across the beltway in Stephen Strasburg a.k.a..."Baseball Jesus"?

Tim Kurkjian reports:

"It's pretty funny,'' Strasburg said, "[Center fielder] Nyger Morgan called me 'Jesus.'''

It's unclear whether Strasburg will start the season in the minors, which was the original expectation, or if Nat's management might be tempted to give him a spot on the opening day roster.

What is clear, however, is that this nickname thing should sort itself out soon enough. The world - let alone the beltway - ain't big enough for two Jesuses. Or is it Jesusi? Jebuses?

I'll just stop.


  1. Up 95 lies the actual Jesus..Hard hitting Yankee's top prospect Jesus Montero..You don't even need to put "" marks around his Jesus.

  2. Matt Wieters : Jesus Montero as ZAUN : Any other catcher.

    That is, infinitely more awesome.

  3. Matt Wieters > Jesus Montero as a catcher...absolutely. Jesus Montero > Matt Wieters as a hitter...very, very extremely possible.

  4. Jesus Montero> Matt Weiters at being a Jesus

  5. Worth noting...PECOTA likes actual Jesus to hit for a better avg. and way better slg. in 2010 at the MLB level than it does Orioles Jesus, who is 3 years older.

    Nats to win a division crown quicker than O's. You heard it here first.

  6. We're talking about Jesus Flores here right?

  7. Jesus Alou...very old but still racking!


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