Saturday, February 12, 2011

DCLS Favorite Brandon Banks Stabbed in DC

News is out this afternoon that Redskins KR/PR Brandon Banks was stabbed last night outside of the club The Park. Doing a little investigative reporting with his Twitter account, it appears Banks started the night at Bar 7 with Vontae Davis and Darnell Docket, then was goaded into attending The Park by a very good looking woman if not others as well. A fight then occurred and Banks and a friend were stabbed.

The good news is that although his buddy is still in the hospital with 'Serious' injuries, Banks has been released. The 'stabber' has been arrested, and combining that Bank not being in custody, one can assume that he is not at fault other than being dumb enough to get into a big fight at a nightclub. We can only hope that this was a fluke isolated incident and not indicative of Banks as a person.

I personally am going to hold off on ordering my Brandon Banks T-Shirt until we learn more.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Knee for A Knee

For those of you who haven't heard, Wizards traded for more (less?) than a bad contract and an over-the-hill player in in Rashard Lewis. Nagging tendinitis is not the worst thing in the world, but Rashard's contract is looking heavier than ever.

The good news is that Rashard sitting might actually be a good thing to let the young Wizards play and improve our draft position. The even better news? Gilbert Arenas' knee is ruined.

The man formerly known as Agent Zero already had the worst contract in the NBA, and we knew he lacked the explosion of his pre-surgery days, but the confirmation that the knee is giving him trouble, even in limited minutes, is sad. Stan Van Gundy wants him to rehab the knee, but seriously, the guy played about half a season's worth of games over the past 3 years - he has had plenty of time to rehab. It appears that Hibachi/Zero Hero/Agent Zero is no more.

When the Lewis-Arenas trade was made, my feeling was that we had to get rid of Gil and his contract any way possible, so it was a good move. My only hesitation was that I thought Gil would get a little healthier, play a little better, and improve his value. The news of the condition of his knee reveals that the Wizards actually sold high.

This is a sad revelation for all of us who enjoyed Zero Hero in his glory days. Perhaps it is only fitting that the aftermath of Gilbert Arenas in DC is bittersweet. 

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Crosby Puts a Dagger Into Pittsburgh!

This is actually a football post, kind of. For any of you who missed the Super Bowl (crickets), Mason Crosby's late FG sealed the 31-25 Green Bay Packers victory. So yes, a guy named Crosby helped finish off Pittsburgh.

Words Not Really Necessary Here

A few other quick bullets on Sunday:
  • Hooray Pittsburgh didn't win, and this time I am talking about both the football and hockey games today. 
  • Pittsburgh sucks.
  • Dallas had a terrible Super Bowl hosting performance by all accounts.
  • It is terrible that Charles Woodson and Donald Driver, who has waited their entire careers to play in a Super Bowl, get hurt and on their way back to the locker room in what has to be a deeply personal and traumatic time for them had to run through a gauntlet of fans in a bar because of Dallas' ridiculous stadium.
  • If the weather in Dallas was such a huge problem, I have a hard time seeing how DC gets a Super Bowl. Our only chance is if the 2014 game in New Jersey does well despite a snowstorm.
  • Matt Cooke's hit on Ovie today courtesy of SB Nation DC. I watched this a few times and Cooke definitely looks like he sticks a knee out intentionally and did not just 'click skates' as the Pens said.
  • Still 3 points behind Tampa and 4 behind Pittsburgh, but those were not only 2 huge wins, but huge performances. Tampa claimed it was their fault they came out flat, and the Pens are without Crosby and Malkin, but the Caps showed some fire. I was about ready to jump ship on these guys, but count me as a believer. Let's see if they can keep the intensity for any other game now....

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