Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Knee for A Knee

For those of you who haven't heard, Wizards traded for more (less?) than a bad contract and an over-the-hill player in in Rashard Lewis. Nagging tendinitis is not the worst thing in the world, but Rashard's contract is looking heavier than ever.

The good news is that Rashard sitting might actually be a good thing to let the young Wizards play and improve our draft position. The even better news? Gilbert Arenas' knee is ruined.

The man formerly known as Agent Zero already had the worst contract in the NBA, and we knew he lacked the explosion of his pre-surgery days, but the confirmation that the knee is giving him trouble, even in limited minutes, is sad. Stan Van Gundy wants him to rehab the knee, but seriously, the guy played about half a season's worth of games over the past 3 years - he has had plenty of time to rehab. It appears that Hibachi/Zero Hero/Agent Zero is no more.

When the Lewis-Arenas trade was made, my feeling was that we had to get rid of Gil and his contract any way possible, so it was a good move. My only hesitation was that I thought Gil would get a little healthier, play a little better, and improve his value. The news of the condition of his knee reveals that the Wizards actually sold high.

This is a sad revelation for all of us who enjoyed Zero Hero in his glory days. Perhaps it is only fitting that the aftermath of Gilbert Arenas in DC is bittersweet. 

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  1. Yeah Gil wrecked himself trying to come back too early, being the crazy mess that he was/is he rehabbed aggressively when he should have been resting was the dumbest thing he could've done. Looking across the league none of his peers have lost so much with similar injuries and yet they also followed the right advices from their trainers. Crazy has its advantages but also its drawbacks.

  2. None of his peers have lost so much with similar injuries??? There are plenty of examples of players that lost their careers because of bad knees, just like Gil has. Penny Hardaway, Michael Redd, Greg Oden, Jonathan Bender, Allan Houston, Kenyon Martin, Jamal Mashburn, and even TMac.


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