Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Worst Redskin Jerseys Ever

We had no idea how hard this was going to be. I thought we'd get a bunch of good ideas and rank them, but there has been endless debate about this list amongst the DCLS writers. This will be the first in a series of worst jerseys for all of our beloved professional DC-area teams (yes, the Nats are included despite their lack of belovedness). We are also considering a 'best jerseys', but first things first. So here is the criteria:

The jersey must be one that would make fellow fans either:

  1. Angry
  2. Disgusted
  3. Think the guy wearing the jersey is an idiot

Please note that any jerseys that are funny bad are not included. Without further adieu, our bottom 10 in reverse order (least terrible to most terrible):

10. Danny Wuerffel #17 - Was anyone really on this bandwagon?

9. Shane Matthews #6 - This was actually a worse bandwagon.

8. Jeff George #3 - I am actually scared to write this because he wants to come back and the Skins want a new qb so lets just move on......

7. Deion Sanders #21 - Primetime has come to symbolize all the extravagant and failed free agent signings of the Snyder era.

6. Jeremiah Trotter #54 - See Sanders, Deion.

5. Michael Westbrook #82 - I think he really has a bright future due to his athleticism.......oh wait, that's his MMA career.

4. Jason Taylor #55 - Only in traditional colors, as a pink one would be funny.

3. Brandon Lloyd #85 - I actually think he is worse than Archuletta as on top of his significant contract, we traded for him! Not for a bag of footballs either, but 3rd and 4th round picks! I think my eyes are bleeding.

2. Adam Archuleta #40- It pains me to even type this name. The Skins get too much shit for their free agent signings, which haven't been all-bad, but this was an absolute disaster. If we hadn't been able to trade him, this may have been the worst signing in team history. The picture above actually makes me naseous. Now a #40 "PUNT PROTECTOR" jersey might make our list of best jerseys.

1. Mark Sanchez #6 - Really? I know it's rare, but I know one dweebus who's name rhymes with shman shnyder who jerks off into one each night. This jersey is symbolic of the Cerrato/Snyder brain freeze, anyone who supported this move is an idiot.

Also considered (excluded mostly because they are funny bad):
  • Heath Shuler #5
  • Albert Connell #83 (Just a little too funny for me, but if you see his jersey somewhere, it's probably a steal..........................i'll be here all night)
  • Desmond Howard #80
  • Tony Banks #12
  • Ricky Williams #1 (yeah, that Ricky Williams, the one we basically traded for a future #1, which eventually became Lavar, who became nothing)
  • Gus Frerotte #12

Let the argument continue! Anyone we missed or who doesn't belong? While you think about it I am going to go pour some boiling water down my throat to clear out the puke.

(Image courtesy of WashingtonPost.com)


  1. Wasn't Heath #5 or am i missing the joke here?

  2. Westbrook was #82 or am I missing the joke here?

  3. Heath was 5 and Westbrook was 82.

  4. Good catches, just a couple typos on my part, edits have been made. I think I succeeded in blocking out those nightmares.

  5. I own Gibran Hamdan's jersey. :-)


  6. Gibran! I think that's funny bad though, and please send a picture if possible, it could be on the best jersey list.

  7. Get ready to add Haynesworth to the list... go cowboys

  8. How about TJ Duckett - don't even remember his #36?, but talk about a boner

  9. What, no Shar Pourdanesh?

  10. Oooh, I apologize, TJ Ducket was a glaring oversight on our part. Seeing his face, let alone jersey, makes me angry. I think he fits at #6, for not only being symbolic, but also I can't believe anyone bought that jersey in the first place.

  11. jim zorn, jason campbell, stanley richard, and randel el should be on there for sure. BUST!!


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