Thursday, December 23, 2010

What the Caps and the Jersey Shore Have in Common

Tonight's episode of 24/7 was not as good as the first, save for one amazing fact about the Caps: the team celebrates every victory with a fist pumping rendition of DJ Pauly D's "It's Time to Beat Dat Beat." Yes, as in the Pauly D from MTV's Jersey Shore.


The Best Shot I Could Get from My TV of the Locker Room iPod

The Caps 8 game losing streak meant that we were not privy to this information before tonight, but again, awesome. Almost every member of the team gave a few fist pumps.

Other notes:
  • Highly paid professionals getting excited about a new equipment delivery is amazing.
  • Ovechkin walked into the training room with a towel on and nothing else.
  • For a road trip Ovie appeared to fill his small suitcase with just 1 item, his Playstation.
  • Combining all this Ovie information leads me to believe he just walks around the hotel naked on road trips.
  • Sidney Crosby is really lame
  • Hockey injuries in HD are the opposite of a highlight, but still very cool to see if you're into that sort of thing, creep.
  • The f-bombs by the Caps are pretty gratuitous. I don't care about 'foul' language, but just pointing it out. It's not just Boudreau either, the other guys drop 'em everywhere, even Ovie in his broken English. I imagine the team cursing comes from the culture created by Boudreau. 
  • Even though I don't care about cursing, the Caps, the language is part of a loose and not always disciplined atmosphere. I sure as hell don't think cursing has anything to do with the Caps winning the Cup, but the contrast between the Caps and Penguins team culture is remarkable.
  • Mike Knuble did exactly what I thought this team needed in the 1st intermission of the Boston game - gave a rousing speech about the Caps picking it up. That game went from a 3-0 potential obliteration to a tight 3-2 loss and may have been the turning point in this slide.
  • I think Mike Green wears slippers to and from work.
  • I can't believe HBO skipped Ovie and Semin visiting One Lounge and showing them in a party environment.
  • Penguins game tonight, let's beat dat beat!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gilbert Arenas Tribute Day

I will write something more extensive about Gilbert Arenas, likely tomorrow. But am belated because I spent a lot of time working on the Gilbert Arenas Tribute Day for Bullets Forever, which has been all over the web. I had the pleasure of writing on his top 5 buzzer beaters, but all of the posts are must-read.

I won't say too much now, but despite my constant negativity towards his awful contract, I won't forget how he led a pathetic franchise back to some kind of relevance. Gil made me, and probably many of you, passionately care about the Wizards/Bullets for the first time.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Week 15: Cowboys 33, Redskins 30: Knee Jerk Reactions

 Football's regular season is almost over! Before I let rationality cloud my judgment, here are my knee-jerk reactions from the fourteenth game of the season:

I watched this one in a bar in Manhattan, so was semi-distracted by all the other happenings and will thus keep this short. I was pretty disinterested coming into the game, 'Kitna! Grossman! It's the Redskins and the Cowboys on Fox!!' and want us to keep losing for sake of high draft picks, but was getting fired up when the comeback got going.

Sums Up my Feelings About the Season
  • Sex Cannon.
  • Sitting in a Manhattan bar as the Eagles came back from 21 points in 8 minutes to beat the Giants was special. I delight in other fans having to share my misery.
  • Sex Cannon's numbers were about as good as any McNabb game, but I think he was slightly worse. The biggest thing I noted was a tendency to hold onto the ball too long.
  • In short, yes, I think McNabb would have been the better player today for the Redskins, but the difference between McNabb and Sex Cannon really doesn't seem to be much. Also, this was Sex Cannon's first game, and one has to think that he would improve with more games under his belt.
  • I might set a record for typing Sex Cannon in 1 post.
  • McNabb is still a captain today? Come on man! NFL captains are fluid, and I thought the starting QB is always a captain.
  • Not all of those sacks were the O-line's fault. One notable one by Ware was Grossman hanging onto the ball too long and then not stepping up enough in the pocket.
  • D******* Hall still sucks. Coverage and tackling are things he does not do well.  
  • The Brandon Banks Pro Bowl train has come to a complete halt.
  • The Tana drop was not as bad as it looked. He was off balance and couldn't really get his arms out for that one. That said, it was still a horrific drop.
  • Does anybody still think the McNabb trade and/or extension were correct decisions? 
  • I completely forgot about John Beck's mullet, which allowed me to 'fall in lover all over again.'
  • The good thing about being numb? A tough loss to Dallas doesn't hurt.
(Image courtesy of DC Sports Bog and Mr. Irrelevant)