Saturday, September 5, 2009

Redskins Add 21 To Our Nation's Unemployed

There were still a few more surprises in store after this morning's news that the Skins will only keep 2 qbs on the roster.

The cuts:
Robbie Agnone; Anthony Alridge; Jeremy Bridges; Scott Burley; Alex Buzbee; Chase Daniel; Antonio Dixon; Dominique Dorsey; Doug Dutch; Keith Eloi, Cody Glenn, D.J. Hackett, Lendy Holmes; Rob Jackson; Dave Rayner; Rueben Riley; Trent Shelton; J.D. Skolnitsky; Robert Thomas; Eddie Williams; Darrel Young.

Bubble players who made the 53-man roster:
Marcus Mason; Robert Henson; Byron Westbrook; D'Anthony Batiste; Anthony Williams

The highlights:
-Jeremy Bridges will not be a backup o-lineman for us, but just about everyone else will be, we have 10 0-linemen on the roster
-The aforementioned Chase Daniel cut
-Cody Glenn lost out to Robert Henson
-Veterans LB Robert Thomas and WR DJ Hacket were axed, as expected
-Darrel Young lost the 53rd spot to Marcus Mason
-One of Cerrato's precious 2008 draft picks was axed - Rob Jackson
-There are a lot of nice choices for the practice squad from the newly unemployed, including Daniel, Glenn, Young, and Anthony Aldridge.

Not sure how I feel about Marcus Mason surviving. I get the feeling he was kept because of his fan favorite status and that he is likely to be picked-up by another team. However, the fact is that we don't need him, and could probably be better served by using that spot on an extra WR, LB, or QB. RBs are easy to pickup and should be able to assimilate to an offense and contribute should an emergency arise; Mason is going to have to really show something on special teams to make the Skins look smart.

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The Cult of Colt Survives, I Think

The news has just been leaked, the big Redskins 3rd qb question has finally been answered: Chase Daniel will be cut, which leaves Colt Brennan and the Cult of Colt to the spoils.............well, kinda.......Colt will actually not see the field either this season, as he is being placed on injured reserve.

So basically the whole preseason 3rd qb battle was much ado about nothing, as the Skins will only have 2 qbs on the active roster. To me, this sounds like the Skins have found a way to cheat the system. Brennan sounds like and looked like he is physically able to play (awful performance aside) and thus be part of the 53-man roster. I think the Skins are putting Brennan on IR to give them 1 more season to evaluate him without using precious roster space on a guy they do not want playing in a real game. I am actually dissapointed that Redskins Insider Jason Reid has yet to discuss this distinct possibility; I don't think Jason La Canfora would have let the Skins slide. Jason Reid is pretty new at this gig, so maybe he is scared of his ruining his relationships with key Redskin sources at the expense of good journalism.

This seems like a clever move by the Skins, but does leave us thin at qb behind a creaky offensive line. The Colts did this recently, but have a much better o-line and the best qb on the planet. So what happens if, knock on wood, Campbell tears his knee? We would need to sign someone to backup Collins, and my guess is that Chase Daniel would have to be considered for that job given that he is the only guy available who has spent time in the system.

Keeping 2 qbs is also great news for local-boys Marcus Mason and Bryon Westbrook, as well as LB Darrel Young.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jones May be Gone for Season

Unfortunate news, but obviously his long-term health is the major concern here. So no need to rush him back.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Awesome Shirt

I just heard about this t-shirt today, and man is it sweet for those of you old enough to remember the days at Memorial Stadium when we didn't have to be called "Yankee Stadium South". The site sells a lot of other t-shirts that are pretty cool too, but the highlight for us DC folks is this gem. Watch the video too, note the simpler/better time when fans didn't need the scoreboard to start cheering.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This Just In....Oh, I Already Knew That....

Just finished the WaPo sports section and came across a funny little table that lists MLB team pitching statistics by team ERA, and well, whaddya know? The Nats are the worst staff in the NL, and O's are the 2nd worst in the AL, boy didn't see that coming.

Details on the Nats:
-2nd-to-last in strikeouts in the NL, ahead of only the Pirates.
-2nd-to-last in walks, only the Mets have issued more.

-Worst in the league in HRs surrendered, a whopping 11 ahead of the next-to-worst Angels.
-Worst in strikeouts.
-Last in the league in shutouts, with 2 on the year.

The Anchorman and the cavalry can't come soon enough.

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Monday, August 31, 2009

Worst Nationals Jersey Ever

As pathetic as the Nationals have been, their short existence in DC and the expectance of their inteptitude has led to this being our only worst jersey list being under 10, because frankly, we can't come up with any others.

Again, the criteria for our list is a jersey that would make fellow fans either:

-Think the guy wearing the jersey is an idiot

As before, please note that any jerseys that are funny bad are not included. Jerseys are is listed in reverse order (least terrible to most terrible):

9) Brad Wilkerson #6 - Not something horrible, but a reminder of a guy who seemed to have so much promise and now is in baseball oblivion.

8) Alfonso Soriano #12 - He had a fine Nationals 'career', but his presence contributed to a team going nowhere, and then Bowden was unable to trade him for anything, let alone anything useful. Just a symbol of the Bowden era that is tough to swallow.

7) Tim Redding #17 - He might seem a little out of place to you, but that is why I have a story. At the semi-tender age of 15, my friend's brother was at an MLB All-Star game party in Houston (poor guy, I know) and walking around with a pen trying to get some autographs from players in attendance. The room was filled with MLB All-Stars past and present. Everyone was having a jolly-good time until my friend's brother suddenly heard someone yelling at him from about 10 feet away: "Hey put that pen away! Some of us are wearing nice clothes, this shirt costs $300!" This rant appeared to creep out even the women at the party just looking for pro athletes to pay their child support, in addition to any normal person who heard the journeyman. Now, I know what you're thinking, Tim Redding was an All-Star?!?, not exactly, he just happened to be a member of the Astros that year, although that's probably not what he told the ladies. Tim, you idiot, that pen was only going near the good players.

6) Adam Dunn #44 or Ryan Zimmerman #11 "Natinals" - Just an embarrassment, and I know this has happened before to other teams/players, but just seems like the Yankees and Red Sox avoid this type of brain fart. This would be higher up the list, but has some ironic potential, so not all bad.

5) Ryan Church #19 - He is either anti-semetic or just a moron, but either way, supporting anybody who says something like that is a bad move.

4) Anybody on the team not named Zimmerman from 2005-2008 - This team was just terrible, and there was no one on the roster who brought any hope or reason to purchase their jersey. Anybody buying one of these jerseys is also clearly new to being a baseball fan, so just unknowledgeable, or switching teams to support, so lacks loyalty. Either way, this jersey is a direct indictment of the person wearing it. The Montreal Canadians have 'The Holy Cloth', but maybe this was 'the damned cloth'.

3) Ryan Zimmerman(n) #11 or Jordan Zimmerman #27 - In case you missed it, both of these are spelled wrong, and this is not an uncommon occurrence for a team whose best 2 young players until a certain #1 pick signed have long last names that are proncounced the same, but spelled 1 letter differently. DC Sports Blog had something on this with pictures, but I can't find it.

2) Lastings Milledge #44 - A once-possible face of the franchise, but not exactly the type of guy you want leading your marketing efforts. He stunk, will continue to stink, and is a symbol of faded hopes. You hear that Elijah Dukes?!?

1) Vinny Castilla #9 - An abysmal contract that never seemed like a good idea. As soon as this was signed, it foretold of numerous bad decisions by Bowden that have led to this team being an absolute joke since arriving in DC.

Dishonorable Mention:
-Cristian Guzman #15 - If not for the past couple seasons when his BA spiked, he would DEFINITELY have been #1. This contract seemed worse than the Castilla one when it was signed; he was literally possibly the worst regular hitter in MLB history until last year.

-Elijah Dukes #34 - There is still some promise, but he is running out of time to figure this thing out. And by thing, I mean life.

Looking back, this list is just sad, not as anger-inducing as the others. I think the general disinterest in the Nats keeps me less emotional; my hopes haven't gotten high enough yet to be crushed.

As always, bring on the debate about the list!

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