Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Cult of Colt Survives, I Think

The news has just been leaked, the big Redskins 3rd qb question has finally been answered: Chase Daniel will be cut, which leaves Colt Brennan and the Cult of Colt to the spoils.............well, kinda.......Colt will actually not see the field either this season, as he is being placed on injured reserve.

So basically the whole preseason 3rd qb battle was much ado about nothing, as the Skins will only have 2 qbs on the active roster. To me, this sounds like the Skins have found a way to cheat the system. Brennan sounds like and looked like he is physically able to play (awful performance aside) and thus be part of the 53-man roster. I think the Skins are putting Brennan on IR to give them 1 more season to evaluate him without using precious roster space on a guy they do not want playing in a real game. I am actually dissapointed that Redskins Insider Jason Reid has yet to discuss this distinct possibility; I don't think Jason La Canfora would have let the Skins slide. Jason Reid is pretty new at this gig, so maybe he is scared of his ruining his relationships with key Redskin sources at the expense of good journalism.

This seems like a clever move by the Skins, but does leave us thin at qb behind a creaky offensive line. The Colts did this recently, but have a much better o-line and the best qb on the planet. So what happens if, knock on wood, Campbell tears his knee? We would need to sign someone to backup Collins, and my guess is that Chase Daniel would have to be considered for that job given that he is the only guy available who has spent time in the system.

Keeping 2 qbs is also great news for local-boys Marcus Mason and Bryon Westbrook, as well as LB Darrel Young.

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