Saturday, September 5, 2009

Redskins Add 21 To Our Nation's Unemployed

There were still a few more surprises in store after this morning's news that the Skins will only keep 2 qbs on the roster.

The cuts:
Robbie Agnone; Anthony Alridge; Jeremy Bridges; Scott Burley; Alex Buzbee; Chase Daniel; Antonio Dixon; Dominique Dorsey; Doug Dutch; Keith Eloi, Cody Glenn, D.J. Hackett, Lendy Holmes; Rob Jackson; Dave Rayner; Rueben Riley; Trent Shelton; J.D. Skolnitsky; Robert Thomas; Eddie Williams; Darrel Young.

Bubble players who made the 53-man roster:
Marcus Mason; Robert Henson; Byron Westbrook; D'Anthony Batiste; Anthony Williams

The highlights:
-Jeremy Bridges will not be a backup o-lineman for us, but just about everyone else will be, we have 10 0-linemen on the roster
-The aforementioned Chase Daniel cut
-Cody Glenn lost out to Robert Henson
-Veterans LB Robert Thomas and WR DJ Hacket were axed, as expected
-Darrel Young lost the 53rd spot to Marcus Mason
-One of Cerrato's precious 2008 draft picks was axed - Rob Jackson
-There are a lot of nice choices for the practice squad from the newly unemployed, including Daniel, Glenn, Young, and Anthony Aldridge.

Not sure how I feel about Marcus Mason surviving. I get the feeling he was kept because of his fan favorite status and that he is likely to be picked-up by another team. However, the fact is that we don't need him, and could probably be better served by using that spot on an extra WR, LB, or QB. RBs are easy to pickup and should be able to assimilate to an offense and contribute should an emergency arise; Mason is going to have to really show something on special teams to make the Skins look smart.

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