Thursday, December 23, 2010

What the Caps and the Jersey Shore Have in Common

Tonight's episode of 24/7 was not as good as the first, save for one amazing fact about the Caps: the team celebrates every victory with a fist pumping rendition of DJ Pauly D's "It's Time to Beat Dat Beat." Yes, as in the Pauly D from MTV's Jersey Shore.


The Best Shot I Could Get from My TV of the Locker Room iPod

The Caps 8 game losing streak meant that we were not privy to this information before tonight, but again, awesome. Almost every member of the team gave a few fist pumps.

Other notes:
  • Highly paid professionals getting excited about a new equipment delivery is amazing.
  • Ovechkin walked into the training room with a towel on and nothing else.
  • For a road trip Ovie appeared to fill his small suitcase with just 1 item, his Playstation.
  • Combining all this Ovie information leads me to believe he just walks around the hotel naked on road trips.
  • Sidney Crosby is really lame
  • Hockey injuries in HD are the opposite of a highlight, but still very cool to see if you're into that sort of thing, creep.
  • The f-bombs by the Caps are pretty gratuitous. I don't care about 'foul' language, but just pointing it out. It's not just Boudreau either, the other guys drop 'em everywhere, even Ovie in his broken English. I imagine the team cursing comes from the culture created by Boudreau. 
  • Even though I don't care about cursing, the Caps, the language is part of a loose and not always disciplined atmosphere. I sure as hell don't think cursing has anything to do with the Caps winning the Cup, but the contrast between the Caps and Penguins team culture is remarkable.
  • Mike Knuble did exactly what I thought this team needed in the 1st intermission of the Boston game - gave a rousing speech about the Caps picking it up. That game went from a 3-0 potential obliteration to a tight 3-2 loss and may have been the turning point in this slide.
  • I think Mike Green wears slippers to and from work.
  • I can't believe HBO skipped Ovie and Semin visiting One Lounge and showing them in a party environment.
  • Penguins game tonight, let's beat dat beat!

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