Monday, February 7, 2011

Crosby Puts a Dagger Into Pittsburgh!

This is actually a football post, kind of. For any of you who missed the Super Bowl (crickets), Mason Crosby's late FG sealed the 31-25 Green Bay Packers victory. So yes, a guy named Crosby helped finish off Pittsburgh.

Words Not Really Necessary Here

A few other quick bullets on Sunday:
  • Hooray Pittsburgh didn't win, and this time I am talking about both the football and hockey games today. 
  • Pittsburgh sucks.
  • Dallas had a terrible Super Bowl hosting performance by all accounts.
  • It is terrible that Charles Woodson and Donald Driver, who has waited their entire careers to play in a Super Bowl, get hurt and on their way back to the locker room in what has to be a deeply personal and traumatic time for them had to run through a gauntlet of fans in a bar because of Dallas' ridiculous stadium.
  • If the weather in Dallas was such a huge problem, I have a hard time seeing how DC gets a Super Bowl. Our only chance is if the 2014 game in New Jersey does well despite a snowstorm.
  • Matt Cooke's hit on Ovie today courtesy of SB Nation DC. I watched this a few times and Cooke definitely looks like he sticks a knee out intentionally and did not just 'click skates' as the Pens said.
  • Still 3 points behind Tampa and 4 behind Pittsburgh, but those were not only 2 huge wins, but huge performances. Tampa claimed it was their fault they came out flat, and the Pens are without Crosby and Malkin, but the Caps showed some fire. I was about ready to jump ship on these guys, but count me as a believer. Let's see if they can keep the intensity for any other game now....

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  1. It sucks a little more for Driver. Woodson played in a Super Bowl for Oakland I believe. But, yeah, I felt bad for both of them.

  2. Good call, I updated it to include Driver and say win instead of play.

  3. I think the weight of those rings on their fingers will take their minds off of any abuse they may have suffered...

  4. Yeah i think your right it must be not to wear..amanda vanderpool the dirty


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