Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wizard-Nets Toilet Bowl Running Diary: 2nd Quarter

2nd Quarter
  • Miss, miss, miss, awful pass/turnover, miss, miss
  • The Nets offense looks like it is trying to run out the clock. 35-22 Wiz, Blatche has 6 pts, 8 assists, 4 rebounds, and is already a +13 in this game as he hasn't come off the floor.
  • Cedric Jackson turns it over by throwing a pass behind a cutting Cartier. That is exactly the connection I'm looking to lead us to victory in the John Wall sweepstakes.
  • A defensive mix up leads to CDR embarrassing Javale McGee 1-on-1. Wiz up 10.
  • Cartier somehow gets Yi guarding him and takes him right to the rack for a layup. Then gets subbed with 8 points so far.
  • Courtney Lee nails a 3 to cut the Wiz lead back down to 10. It must suck that he played for the Magic last year.
  • Yi, just grazes the front rim from about 19 feet. But hey, he looks great working against a folding chair.
  • Miller goes down rubbing and grabbing his shoulder. Looks like it might have sublexed (popped out and back in), but he's staying in the game. He should remember he's a free agent after the season and we are 22-53.
  • Blatche decides not to pass to a wide open Sushi in the corner by going 1-on-2 to the rim, scores and draws a foul from Yi. The triple-double watch is now at 9 points, 8 assists, and 5 boards. Yi also looks like he might be throwing this game.
  • Camera pans through the Wizards cheerleaders - I'd say about half hot, and almost looks like they make the hot and no-so-hot alternate when they stand together.
  • We just got our first decent view of the stands. Surprisingly, the first level is about half-full.
  • Halftime, Wiz up 45-38, after having led by 14 points earlier in the quarter.
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