Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Poll Results: Caps First Round Opponents

Fantastic voter turnout for this one, and a pretty obvious preference indicated by Caps Nation.

Out of 144 voters, 74% do NOT want to face the Flyers (38%) or Canadiens (36%) in the first round of the playoffs. I can't say I disagree.

After last night's OT win over Boston - a game in which we benched Mike Green and no Caps forward saw more than 18:20 of ice time - it's pretty clear we have the mental edge over the Bruins as we near the postseason. Ditto for the Thrashers, and ditto for the Rangers (although perhaps less so than the others).

What's unfortunate is that the Flyers are slotted in that 8-spot right now and, despite serious recent struggles, might be there to stay. I know we can beat 'em, you know we can beat 'em, my cousin's dead blind dog knows we can beat 'em. It just might require a little more focus than your everyday first round fodder.

Who knows - maybe that's a good thing? Let's just say it is.

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