Friday, April 9, 2010

Comment Turned Post (New Feature!): Redskins Can Win Now

Here's a new feature, boys and girl(s?). Excellent comment of the week gets posted. Long or short, awesome or incomprehensibly stupid, whatever. You write it, we may post it. This week, "Anonymous" weighs in on Donovan McNabb and Albert Haynesworth...

But, are we better off with Haynesworth playing 50% of downs in a system he doesn't not approve of holding the gaps? It seems like he is being under utilized in this schematic. Although, if he was pushed to the same side as Orakpo we might have a defense that only has to cover one side of the field (1/2 of the time). But, that is also a big chance.

What is his market value at such a reasonable price? 1st rounder? 2nd rounder? 1st and 3rd? McNabb may be 33, but Favre is 40 and in the right system he thrived last year. If we can turn Haynesworth into multiple draft picks, can't we shore up the 0-line? I know we had a 2nd round pick and this doesn't seem much different, but seriously you have no desire and neither does any other Redskins team to watch either of the following for the 6th or 7th year: a defense which is good to very good, but does not force turnovers which is why an aggressive 3-4 would be nice or (and this is the kicker) an offense that you know CANNOT score points. We need to do something dramatic on offense and that might just be take a proven quarterback that can inspire confidence, then maybe trade our QB for a low rounder and our biggest asset for a few higher picks.

Plus, you seem to be forgetting one thing. You care about metrics and many people including staff, players and scouts recognize the legitimacy of what you're saying, but the Redskins don't win with Campbell at the helm. When you're not winning, it's the end of the game and you need a game winning drive, players don't go, "Yay, Jason's back there, his metrics are mediocre." He hasn't proven anything. No one will deny you or Gladwell that he has not been placed in ideal or even a decent situation as a QB. But, his confidence and the players around him's confidence in him, cannot be that high. That has to count for something. And yes, I am aware that McNabb's number one most memorable drive is his Super Bowl loss which might be the worst managed drive in the history of football. But, remember two things about that. One, it was a SUPER BOWL loss, which means they were there in the last 19 years. He also has 4 NFC Championship losses, which means they were there in the last 19 years. That's real hope, something that we as Skins fans have not truly had since, '92 or '93. I was fucking 9 years old. Two, McNabb doesn't like to wait just wait until the end of the game to show up. He takes chances early and can make plays all game long. The Eagles have regularly blown out teams this past decade. Which means McNabb likes to score points.

As for superior talent. I'll give you last year, we were ass. But, Westbrook has been perpetually hurt his career and wasn't Todd Pinkston a #1 for them at some point? Didn't James Thrash lead them in receptions at some point? T.O. for a year and the great DeSean Jackson (who only caught 5 balls a game last year, but made everyone count) are the only receiver they have had. But, McNabb made everyone of those guys have their best seasons possible.

I am not saying this is a surefire thing, but we've got to build our offense and a 33 year old QB is not necessarily over the hill. a great D, just isn't that much fun to watch. I'd rather be a Houston fan than a Skins fan right now in terms of excitement. We might be headed there.


  1. If I had known you were going to publish my comment, I would have happily edited it. Some of that shit is confusing.

  2. Dear Anonymous:

    Your thoughts are valuable, so next time give yourself a handle so we can distinguish you from the random Pittsburgh trolls who stop by. Maybe "D. McNabb" or "Donovan M." or something ambiguous yet distinct like that. As for the editing, you're right on par with our normal posts anyways, so no worries.


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