Sunday, April 11, 2010

Evander Kane: My New Favorite Non-Cap

Because I hate Pittsburgh so much. And because Matt Cooke is a clown. And because karma is a BITCH.

[Note: I am in no way applauding injury here. Cooke skated off on his own power. I am, however, acknowledging a wicked right from one badass hockey player.]


  1. That is the right way to fight. Cooke deserves every day he misses for that concussion.

  2. The best part about this (aside from the obvious) was that Cooke initiated the fight. He instigated it. Some sort of retaliation for an earlier shoving match Kane had with Crosby. I love how Kane is all business too: stick, gloves, Cooke's helmet, punch, penalty box. In like an 8 second span. This guy's fucking tight.

  3. Wow - Evander Kane is truly the real deal. The kid can play hockey and that was a really good punch. You can see it was one punch = lights out for Cookie "Monster". I'm no longer a fan of Cooke and right now if times ever get tough for Kane he can easily drink for free in just about any pub in Boston. Way to go kid!

  4. And how can you overlook that his name is Evander Kane? That alone makes him one of my favorite players. Named after Holyfield (as if there is another Evander), he has to have some nice punching skills, so call me crazy, but not surprised Cooke got embarrassed.


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