Monday, April 5, 2010

2010 MLB Predictions

Similar to our NHL Preview - which in hindsight was horribly wrong in so many ways - we decided to compile our predictions for the upcoming MLB Season.

I can't decide what I'm more excited for: Matt Wieters & Brian Matusz, Round II, or Stephen Strasburg for the first time. I think when they face off in May during interleague play my head might explode. I'm looking forward to that (especially in light of this Donovan Mcnabb...situation).

On to the predictions, which are listed division by division, followed by playoff predictions and two major individual awards. Feel free to sift through the unimportant stuff (like when the Yankees, Red Sox, or Phillies are listed first at anything).

AL East


1. (tie) Boston
1. (tie) New York
3. Tampa Bay
4. Baltimore
5. Toronto


Rico Fantastic - 1. Boston, 2. New York, 3. Tampa Bay, 4. Baltimore, 5. Toronto
Red Rover - 1. Boston, 2. Tampa Bay, 3. New York, 4. Toronto, 5. Baltimore
Marion's Crackpipe - 1. New York, 2. Tampa Bay, 3. Boston, 4. Baltimore, 5. Toronto
Iafrate's Baldspot - 1. New York, 2. Boston, 3. Tampa Bay, 4. Baltimore, 5. Toronto


Baby steps for the O's?! What a sexy pick for 4th place in the AL East, if I may say so myself. And to think, only a few years ago we took 4th place for granted. Ahh, the days when the Rays were the Devil Rays. I refuse to talk about the Red Sox or the Yankees. It's just no fun. You know what else is no fun? This Red Rover character. Have some faith in the O's, bro. They don't need your reverse-jinxing nonsense. Baseball Jesus the First is jinx-proof and you know it.

AL Central


1. Minnesota
2. Detroit
3. Chicago
4. Cleveland
5. Kansas City


Rico Fantastic - 1. Detroit, 2. Minnesota, 3. Chicago, 4. Cleveland, 5. Kansas City
Red Rover - 1. Minnesota, 2. Chicago, 3. Detroit, 4. Cleveland, 5. Kansas City
Marion's Crackpipe - 1. Minnesota, 2. Detroit, 3. Chicago, 4. Cleveland, 5. Kansas City
Iafrate's Baldspot - 1. Minnesota, 2. Detroit, 3. Cleveland, 4. Chicago, 5. Kansas City


I'm the lone ranger when it comes to doubting the Twins. Not because I don't like the Twins or anything (although I will admit a slight bitterness toward Joe Mauer for discovering his power before Wieters bursted on the scene). I just think the Tigers' lineup will generate a ton of runs. Scott Sizemore will be as good as people think and Miguel Cabrera will be sober even better than he has been. I trust their rotation a lot more than the Twins', too. Scott Baker as your ace will never cut it.

AL West


1. Los Angeles
2. (tie) Seattle
2. (tie) Texas
4. Oakland


Rico Fantastic - 1. Los Angeles, 2. Seattle, 3. Texas, 4. Oakland
Red Rover - 1. Los Angeles, 2. Oakland, 3. Texas, 4. Seattle
Marion's Crackpipe - 1. Seattle, 2. Texas, 3. Los Angeles, 4. Oakland
Iafrate's Baldspot - 1. Los Angeles, 2. Texas, 3. Seattle, 4. Oakland


The Angels just might have the best rotation, 1-5, in the Majors. Non-apologies to the Red Sox and Yankees. When Joe Saunders and Joel Pineiro are your #3 and #4, respectively, you have a huge advantage over other teams. Kendry Morales will continue to be awesome, with Torii Hunter and Bobby Abreu providing the veteran presence in the lineup. I don't think the Mariners are that far behind if Erik Bedard can stay healthy, which would give them a formidable top three of King Felix, Cliff Lee, and Bedard. But come on. Bedard cannot and will not stay healthy, so the point's moot.

NL East


1. Philadelphia
2. Atlanta
3. New York
4. Florida
5. Washington


Rico Fantastic - 1. Philadelphia, 2. New York, 3. Atlanta, 4. Florida, 5. Washington
Red Rover - 1. Atlanta, 2. Philadelphia, 3. New York, 4. Florida, 5. Washington
Marion's Crackpipe - 1. Philadelphia, 2. Atlanta, 3. Florida, 4. New York, 5. Washington
Iafrate's Baldspot - 1. Philadelphia, 2. Florida, 3. New York, 4. Atlanta, 5. Washington


Here are a few things for Nats fans to be excited about during the upcoming season: Baseball Jesus the Second's MLB debut, the continued incomprehensible sub-4.00 ERA a-la Jeremy Guthrie from John Lannan, a full season with Nyjer Morgan leading off, and the perennial awesomeness of Ryan Zimmerman. Unfortunately, there are many things Nats fans should be lamenting: Jason Marquis (career ERA 4.48, career WHIP 1.42) masquerading as a staff ace, 38-year old Ivan Rodriguez stealing precious playing time from Jesus Flores, the absence of Jordan Zimmerman, and a manager who has an unfortunate history with pitching phenoms. Other than that, things look great!

NL Central


1. St. Louis
2. Chicago
3. Milwaukee
4. Cincinnati
5. Houston
6. Pittsburgh


Rico Fantastic - 1. St. Louis, 2. Milwaukee, 3. Cincinnati, 4. Chicago, 5. Houston, 6. Pittsburgh
Red Rover - 1. St. Louis, 2. Cincinnati, 3. Chicago, 4. Milwaukee, 5. Houston, 6. Pittsburgh
Marion's Crackpipe - 1. St. Louis, 2. Chicago, 3. Milwaukee, 4. Cincinnati, 5. Houston, 6. Pittsburgh
Iafrate's Baldspot - 1. St. Louis, 2. Chicago, 3. Milwaukee, 4. Cincinnati, 5. Houston, 6. Pittsburgh


Three things you can be certain of in this world: death, taxes, and the Pittsburgh Pirates missing out on the playoffs. And you can take that to the bank.

NL West


1. Los Angeles
2. Colorado
3. San Francisco
4. Arizona
5. San Francisco


Rico Fantastic - 1. Los Angeles, 2. San Francisco, 3. Colorado, 4. Arizona, 5. San Diego
Red Rover - 1. Colorado, 2. Los Angeles, 3. San Francisco, 4. Arizona, 5. San Diego
Marion's Crackpipe - 1. Colorado, 2. Los Angeles, 3. San Francisco, 4. Arizona, 5. San Diego
Iafrate's Baldspot - 1. Los Angeles, 2. San Francisco, 3. Colorado, 4. Arizona, 5. San Diego


The NL West is by far my favorite division in baseball. The presumed top three teams each can make  a legitimate claim as a World Series contender. Three of my favorite players in baseball play in this division: Pablo Sandoval, Matt Kemp, and Troy Tulowitzki. The best pitcher in the history of the world not named Brian Matusz is Clayton Kershaw. Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating. But the race for the NL West will be exciting. It will never outhype that lame Yankees-Red Sox-Rays thing, but I wouldn't be surprised if it came down to the final game of the year for the divisional crown.

Wild Card Picks

Rico Fantastic - New York (AL), San Francisco (NL)
Red Rover - Tampa Bay (AL), Philadelphia (NL)
Marion's Crackpipe - Tampa Bay (AL), Atlanta (NL)
Iafrate's Baldspot - Boston (AL), Chicago (NL)

World Series Picks

Rico Fantastic - Los Angeles Angels over Los Angeles Dodgers
Red Rover - Colorado Rockies over Tampa Bay Rays
Marion's Crackpipe - New York Yankees over Colorado Rockies
Iafrate's Baldspot - New York Yankees over Los Angeles Dodgers

MVP Picks

Rico Fantastic - Alex Rodriguez, NYY (AL); Prince Fielder, MIL (NL)
Red Rover - Carl Crawford, TB (AL); Albert Pujols, STL (NL)
Marion's Crackpipe - Joe Mauer, MIN (AL); Albert Pujols, STL (NL)
Iafrate's Baldspot - Alex Rodriguez, NYY (AL); Ryan Howard, PHI (NL)

Cy Young Picks

Rico Fantastic - Felix Hernandez, SEA (AL); Clayton Kershaw, LAD (NL)
Red Rover - Brett Anderson, OAK (AL); Tim Lincecum, SF (NL)
Marion's Crackpipe - Felix Hernandez, SEA (AL); Roy Halladay, PHI (NL)
Iafrate's Baldspot - Jon Lester, BOS (AL); Roy Halladay, PHI (NL)


  1. Where is the Nats coverage? Nobody gives a shit about the Orioles on this blog, except for maybe the writers. Last time I checked this blog was named DC Landing Strip, not Crack City or The Wire or any other name given to a 2nd class city such as Baltimore.

  2. Nats coverage is in Philly, where the team has identified its most important fan base to be.

  3. To be honest, I haven't been able to catch a lot of Nats games (I'm in Ohio). I'm watching one as we speak, thought. Unfortunately, I've been drinking. I direct your Nats needs to Federal Baseball, Nats Insider, Nationals Journal, and FJB.

    I'm not sorry that I ruined your life.


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