Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wizard-Nets Toilet Bowl Running Diary: 4th Quarter

4th Quarter
  • We have an Earl Boykins sighting. Really? The Wiz lineup is now Cartier Martin, Earl Boykins, James Singleton, Mike Miller, and Andray Blatche; another solid maneuver in the John Wall sweepstakes.
  • We're up to 26 turnovers and the Wiz lead is now 6. In related news, the Caps clinch the President's Trophy if San Jose does not win tonight against Colorado.
  • Blatche tries 2 absurd posterization attempts that are both blocked, but is now up to 16-12-8. The Wiz lead is now 4. This is also a good time to point out that even though the Nets are 2-60 when behind after 3 quarters, the Wiz are only 14-12 when holding a lead after 3.
  • Hey Flip, maybe this is a good time to put Sushi back in considering he was the team's best player in the 3rd quarter.
  • Flip finally puts Sushi back in, and Cartier is still out there getting crunch-time minutes.
  • Wow! I had the Yankees-Red Sox on TV #2 and I see ESPN just started scrolling that the Eagles have agreed to trade McNabb to the Skins! I don't even know where to begin with this. Texts and emails are flying fast!
  • Oh right, basketball.......Wiz-Nets is now 102-94. There have been a couple huge dunks from Terrence Williams and McGee thanks to gaping holes in terrible defenses. We're at 29 turnovers combined, Blatche is 1 rebound away from the triple-double. Meanwhile, the Warriors are leading the Raptors, meaning the Wiz will keep pace for the 2nd-worst record in the league, despite a win.
  • The Yankees just went yard twice on Beckett. The Red Sox newfound defense can't field those.
  • Wiz are 'cruising' to victory with Blatche still 1 rebound away from the triple-double, which he just grabbed with about 20 seconds left, only to have it called off for a foul. Then, Cartier Martin snatches a missed Net shot away from Blatche, only to realize half a second too late what he's done. Andray is not happy, and Cartier just made himself a reservation back to the D-League. Wiz win 109-99. The Warriors game on Tuesday may decide the 2nd-worst record in the league. I will now turn my attention to hockey, where the Sharks are up 2-1 after 1 period.
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