Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hoyas Early Summer...err...Season Preview

This was originally posted by Marion's Crackpipe on the 4th of June, 2009. Yet, because of time constraints, effort constraints...well, you get the picture. We were just too lazy to do another. So here is your #21 ranked Georgetown Hoyas Season Preview. Enjoy the outdated summer references, because it's about to get pretty damn cold pretty damn fast.

It’s June November and you know what that means. It’s time to talk Hoya basketball! After a season that started with promise (12-3), and finished with pain (16-15 !!), questions abound. Like how do you lose to St. John’s and Cincinnati (twice) with a talented lineup that also beat UConn, Syra****, and Memphis?

Let’s start with the good. The Hoyas return 3 of their 5 best players, including the biggest recruit to come to DC since Allen Iverson, center Greg Monroe. With Austin Freeman and Chris Wright starting, and Jason Clark coming off the bench, the backcourt is in capable hands. Inside, Monroe is a flat-out stud and the key to G’town success as long as he stays on the court. That was quick.

Now the bad……………:
  1. Dajuan Summers is going pro. I think you can find his name under “2nd round pick” in the dictionary, but thanks to this pathetic draft class (“…and with the 5th pick, the Wizards select my left testicle…”) he is probably going to go late first round. Good for him I guess, but if he’d stayed another year he’d be better off and so would the Hoyas. His horrible 2nd half killed his draft stock and he needs to stay in school to learn another language or two, because the only place he’s playing long-term is Europe.

  2. Transfers. Vernon Macklin and Jeremiah Rivers last year, and now Omar Wattad (you know times are tough when Omar Wattad makes the season preview). I love JT3, but having 3 players transfer in 2 years is not a good sign for a coach on a team lacking depth. True, Rivers can’t shoot and Wattad just plain stinks, but Macklin would start on this year’s team.

  3. Recruiting. Take a gander through the ESPNU 100 for this year. Strangely lacking in Hoyas, isn’t it? ranks their top recruit Hollis Thompson #63 in their list of 150, and the other 2 recruits aren’t exactly world-beaters. Seriously, why can’t JT3 bag a couple local studs? #63 Is the best he can do!?! Besides, his name sounds like a certain former Iggles d-lineman and that makes me queasy. The 2010 class is shaping up well though, and I can only hope that they get the chance to play with Monroe before his inevitable NBA ascent.
Overall, things look bleak for ’09-‘10 unless Monroe makes the leap and becomes a top-5 player in the nation. Hoping for that kind of improvement from a guy with a questionable work-ethic, is a huge…wait for it….leap. The biggest thing in Georgetown’s favor is that Syra****, Pitt, UConn, and Louisville all lost their best players. The downside is that ‘Nova is a national title contender this year and they, in addition to UConn and Louisville, actually find ways to replenish their talent. After last year’s debacle, just avoiding the NIT would be a success.

Season Prediction: 19-11, 5th in Big East, 8 Seed in NCAA Tournament
-Marion's Crackpipe


  1. The reason all these guys leave is probably because JT3 doesn't give them OTBUTPHJ* like he does his star players.

    * Over the boxers under the pants hand job

  2. The only thing better than OTBUTPHJ is UTBOTPHJ.

    As long as the Hoyas have Monroe they have a shot. Is he staying, though? I don't believe it's 100%, but I could be wrong.

  3. UTBOTPHJ makes no sense Rico... just like your blog posts.

  4. Monroe is definitely staying, only good reason I can think of is JT3 has some scandalous photos of him

  5. Thing that have changed since the original post:
    -Summers went 2nd round.....idiot
    -Joe Lunardi's Bracketology has us as a 5 seed, so the general consensus is I underrated us. I still think that this year's team is less talented than last year's, but will not underachieve/collapse in the same fashion. On paper, #21 sounds about right, but considering last year, that is more like our best-case scenario.


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