Sunday, November 8, 2009

Week 9: Falcons 31, Skins 17 - Knee Jerk Reactions

Football season is past its halfway point! The hair pulling, TV-screaming, remote control throwing and furious cigarette smoking is in full force. Before I let rationality cloud my judgment, here are my knee-jerk reactions from the eighth game of the season:

Yeah, I'm mailing-in this article, just like the Redskins mailed-in today's game. That video sums up what I watched this afternoon, so I will only leave you with two other tidbits courtesy of my buddy I was watching the game with today:

-"Snyder says he wants to win, but let's remember Hitler wanted a better society."

-"Worrying about the Redskin punt return situation would be nice if we could actually force someone to punt. I would put selecting the Redskin punt returner on a list of future things to do, right next to getting the team fitted for Super Bowl rings."

(Video idea courtesy of


  1. Monkey peeing it's own mouth... that's a generous assessment of the Skin's situation. You are a merciful man.

    Baldspot: I expect a Nylander post at some point today.

  2. I'd like to add that Laron Landry is the worst football player on the team, no questions asked. He should just quit and become a track and field star.

  3. It was just another game of Zorn at his worst, as he showed on that 4th down call

    I knew he was calling time out first

    'he is a balless wonder


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