Thursday, June 25, 2009

You Can't Screwup the Draft if you Don't Have a Pick, Right?

Despite this being the worst draft ever, this is an exciting night for all NBA fans. In addition to the ritual screwups of half the league, there could be some major trades taking place. Even though the Wiz have made their big move, I have managed to achieve my usual excitment for the draft by somewhat talking myself into the likes of Stephen Curry and Jonny Flynn (not you Jordan Hill), in addition to my usual giddiness for the comedy of these young guys finally hitting the jackpot while being criticized over the PA system. The points of interest:

  • Pick #2, where Memphis should draft the 2nd best player in the draft in Ricky Rubio, but have the not-so-minor problem of Rubio not wanting to play in Memphis, which has created a scenario this franchise has already experienced with Steve Francis. They have no shortage of suitors, but the dreamy one has limited his workouts to the point that even potential suitors are weary. This has now created a potential mini-slide for the dreamy one. Right now, either OKC or the Wolves (trading up) look like the dreamy one's most likely landing spots.

  • There is little consensus on player rankings outside of the top-3. The general dearth of talent has created a lot of uncertainty in the trade trade market as more teams than usual may hope that someone they like will fall, or more teams than usual may trade-up because they just don't know who anyone else will take. My feeling is that most teams have settled on a larger-than-normal group of players they like, so will stand-pat unless there is a major fall from a player, such as the dreamy one or the overrated one (Jordan Hill).

  • The Wiz still hold the #32 pick, which was once projected by Chad Ford to be Patty Mills, but given our depth in the backcourt, is now more likely to be a European guy we can stash or a college big man; my vote is for Danny Green or Nick Calathes. Grunfeld may also make a move for a veteran big man using this pick, so the Wiz war room will have to stay sober.

Relative to apparent draft position, here are my not-so-humble opinions.

Players I like:

  • Eric Maynor (If he creeps into the lottery, the sleeper tag does not apply, but as a mid-late 1st rounder I think he could be a good one)
  • Ty Lawson (He will play in the NBA, not an all-star, but an NBA starter)
  • Brandon Jennings (I thought he was the #1 prospect in his class at the McDonald's game a year ago)
  • Dejuan Blair (Paul Millsap 2.0?)
  • Patty Mills (great 2nd round pick)
  • Danny Green (another 2nd round guy I like because I think he is pretty safe to stick in the NBA)
  • Nick Calathes (as a 2nd rounder who could be stashed in Europe for a year)

Players I don't like:

  • Jordan Hill (I can hear it now, "Needs to work on: Offensive game.")
  • DeMar DeRozan (all potential, not enough substance)
  • Jrue Holiday (See above)
  • BJ Mullens (See last 2)
  • Chase Budinger (A homeless man's Rip Hamilton is generous)
  • Sam Young (Old and not enough upside for a 1st rounder)

My opinions match-up pretty well with John Hollinger's draft rater, which has a pretty good track record.

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  1. the wiz kids if they keep the 32nd pick and dont trade it for cash (like always) or a big man should take a Taj Gibson or Pendergraph. they need an older big man (emphasis on big, need to deal with shaqtastic as well as superman) who can come in and have more of an impact now opposted to 2 years from now. I think they need to trade it though and get a vet big or maybe just maybe pull out a block buster for Bosh (but most likely wont happen).


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