Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Farewell Poem for The Poet, Etan Thomas

Etan Thomas has been nothing but class class class since joining the Wizards in 2001, has shown nothing but love for D.C. and deserves a classy good bye. On top of his basketball skillz, he was active in the community and a published poet. So the DC Landing Strip has decided to say good-bye the only way it can: in poem form.

So long Etan Thomas, auf wiedersehen, adieu
You showed lots of promise when our PG was Ty Lue

With your lengthy dreadlocks that Rapunzel would envy
At times you owned the blocks with rebounds aplenty

Along the way though, you hardly improved
but that is ok, because you once hit a groove.

Game 3 in '05 with the Bulls threatening
You stepped up in the paint like a cream-colored Yao Ming

20 huge points to turn the series around
A clutch insider scorer, we'd seemingly found

And then docs discovered a problem with your heart
But your guts remained strong, your will off the charts

You returned in '08, determined to start
It didn't work out though, and now, you part.

Your scuffles with Haywood - three times! Oh Lordy!
To find out who would bring the Wiz low-post glory

Were epic and showed your resolve and pizazz
But sometimes you seemed more interested in jazz

And other such things to stimulate your head
You visited many a Children's Hospital bed

You made heaps and heaps upon gobs of hard cash
And probably smoked tons of heady street hash

You stood up for peace, you marched on the streets
Emphatic slam dunks brought Wiz fans to their feet

For that we'll remember you, Etan the Man
who did more with your leaky heart than playing basketball can

We hope you find peace in the vast Gopher State
you'll be one of 12 black dudes - the other 11, your teammates.

[Image via Truth About It]


  1. Big ups to Ethan. Just a good all around guy. And a fantastic head of hair.

  2. randy foye got traded so that makes 11 blacks guys in minnesota now...


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