Sunday, June 21, 2009

Brandon Marshall is a Swell Guy

Brandon Marshall is not actually a swell guy.

Although it hasn't happened yet, you know it will; big-name player X becomes available and the Redskins are linked, usually with some snotty line like "and you know the Redskins are always a possibility." Rumors fly. All hell breaks loose.

The new player X is Brandon Marshall, aka "The Beast" and "Little TO". As of last week, listed the potential landing spots as the Bears, Browns, Jets, Giants, Bucs and Ravens.

The good: He is 6'4", 230lbs., has produced absolutely eye-popping numbers the past couple seasons, and the Redskins need a good WR.

The bad: everything else.

Marshall is a complete turd, locker room cancer, and idiot. When Marshall is not busy playing football, his hobbies include beating his girlfriend and drunk driving.

Check out his impressive list of transgressions here.

In light of all that, "Little TO" is way too soft of a nickname for Brandon Marshall. How about "World's Most Spoiled Athlete" or "BM"? In fairness, there is word that his
fiancee is being pressured by her family to conjure a charge against BM to get money, which is why the most recent charge was quickly dropped.

Regardless, anyone with a history this bad is not unlucky - he is either stupid, genuinely a bad guy, or even more likely, both.

In case the legal stuff isn't enough (and the suspension that may
soon accompany), the reason BM wants a trade is likely because a new offense is being installed with an inferior QB in Denver, which will cause his numbers to drop, and will diminish his value in contract negotiations. Therefore, it appears that BM thinks the best time for him to get out of Denver is right now.


How about you play 1 year at a high level while not beating your fiancee as hard as you run-block undersized corners, then someone might be inclined to trade for you and pay for your services? Asking for a trade is just a cherry-on-top of the character issue cake. How much worse can this get?

we endorsed signing Michael Vick, but he would be cheap and has had time to rehabilitate. Can't really say either of those things about Marshall.

BM smells worse than Orakpoo.......please Vinny and Danny, move along, nothing to see here.....

[Image via Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]

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  1. I'd probably welcome BM with open arms.

    BM + Baggage > Anyone we have


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