Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thursday NFL Picks

I will make these quick, as I don't care much about the games and am more focused on eating a full slice of each of the 8 different pies I will see tomorrow evening. Not only should I not care, but no one should, even if you don't have 8 different pies to sample. The Cowboys and Packers are FO's #3 and #4 straight-up picks, so should dominate their games, and the night game features 2 slumping teams, yippee. Here are the picks by FO's ranking of certainty amongst this week's entire slate of games:

3) DETROIT +11 over Green Bay - I'll take the dominant defense over the completely inept team. Who says Detroit scores more than 14 here? Why can't the NFL just make it so the Lions don't play on Thanksgiving anymore?

6) DALLAS -14 over Oakland - The Cowgirl offense will need to get rolling to score more than 14 points here, but hard to take the Raiders, even without Jamarcus.

10) DENVER +7 over New York Giants - I still think Denver is overrated and the Giants are starting to bounce-back into form.

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