Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ovechkin v. Crosby - America's New Favorite Matchup?

Granted: ESPN.com polls are unscientific. Granted: the question is quite narrow. Granted: over 60% of voters chose a different matchup. Granted: A 1.3 overnight rating for NBC's Sunday afternoon Caps-Pens ridiculously awesome game is relatively small.

But still. Nearly 30,000 votes are in as of late Monday evening and the results are surprising, especially for ESPN readership.

Hooray for pluralities! Now, the voting map has few surprises:

But Arizona and Nevada!?!? Bettman, you see that? The gamblers want in!


  1. interesting as in the post game call ins a surprising number were from arizona....

  2. That is pretty amazing since ESPN's MO is to pimp the NBA as much as possible.


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