Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Sweetest Sound You'll Hear All Day

Greg Wyshynski alluded to it on Twitter, and he couldn't have been more correct: the absolute lack of sound inside Wachovia Center following Patrick Kane's Stanley Cup-winning goal was deafening. And as long as you aren't a Flyers fan, it was a symphonic masterpiece:

It's a bitter pill that the only solace Washington hockey fans can take from this hockey postseason is the hated Flyers losing in Game 6 of the Finals, but as a tribe who watched Joffrey Lupul end our season on home ice in 2008, that's about all we've got.

So now the league-wide offseason has officially begun. As if by sorcery, the post-elimination haze that hung over this writer has been lifted. It's time to leave April's failures behind for good and start looking ahead to a fresh year in the National Hockey League.

Only 99 days until training camp.


  1. Am I the only person other than Kane to immediately know the puck had gone in? It went towards the goal/goalie and didn't get to the boards, so clearly was either in the net, or stuck in Leighton's pads - and Leighton's reaction said it all.

  2. Such little solace, but solace nonetheless.


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