Saturday, August 14, 2010

John Wall: Uniting DC Sports

For those of you who missed the 42-17 demolition of the hapless Bills in the Skins season opener, there was 1 beautiful moment in the game, that just got me excited for the season...........................the Wizards season (Sports Bog beat me to this).

After Fred Davis caught a a 2nd quarter TD pass from Sexy Rexy, he proceeded to do his usual endzone dance:

I said to all my friends watching, "How awesome would it be if he'd done the John Wall dance instead?" My friends all laughed hysterically at my tremendous question, but little did we know that this was not such a crazy idea. For when rookie WR Brandon Banks took a punt 77 yards to a land that will be entered frequently (the Bills' endzone), he may have won the job as our punt returner, in addition to my heart:

John Wall was in the house for this, and as the Sports Bog points out, and John Wall tweeted, Banks and Wall are boys from growing up in Raleigh.

The other best part of the game was Doc Walker referring to Rex Grossman as "Sexy Rexy" on more than 1 occasion. I can't find video, but trust me, it happened, and if his producers have a stick up their ass, we may not get to witness that glory again.

Let's just hope these aren't the best Skins highlights of the year.

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