Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Redskins on Hard Knocks - D******* Hall is No Cromartie

I watch Hard Knocks anyway, but with the Jets playing the Skins on this week's episode, I was downright giddy. For those who haven't been watching, you should be. Rex Ryan and Antonio Cromartie have been can't miss, most notably this now infamous Cromartie scene describing all of his children. If you've seen it, watch again:

There wasn't much Redskin talk before the game in the Jets camp except that they seem to think they are the most talented team in the league and all that ra ra stuff. Nick Mangold did get on Fat Albert after one of the first plays of the game:
Mangold: "You're looking spry out there with all that conditioning."
Fat Albert: They're trying to kill me right now."

Okay, maybe we shouldn't be on Hard Knocks next year..... However, there was a gem dropped by Rex Ryan on D******* Hall. At the end of LaDainian Tomlinson's huge 1st quarter run (which I replayed several times and believe the biggest culprit to be Laron Landry), D******* Hall finishes an Andre Carter tackle at the 50 yard line. That much was already seared in my brain, but what I didn't notice on Friday was when getting up, Hall gets a little feisty and starts going after Jet WR Jerrico Cotchery, right near Rex Ryan. The Jets massive coach then drops this:

"Hey, tackle him at the line of scrimmage, you can't tackle him 50 yards down the field. Hey, you ain't here to tackle nobody, what are you talking about? That's why my brother got rid of your ass."

Splendid! Ryan is referring to his brother Rob Ryan, the former D-Coordinator in Oakland. Hall did get a little redemption by picking off a Dirty Sanchez pass later, but he will never get redemption for being cut 8 games into his $70 million contract by the Raiders!........oh wait, we gave him 6 years and $55 million? Crap.

Quotes courtesy of my DVR box


  1. Absolutely nothing funny about that Cromartie clip. Absolutely nothing.

    Rex is a likable guy, but his calling DHall "homeboy" rubbed me the wrong way. Strange choice of words if you ask me.

  2. 4 kids who are all 3 or about to be. It is more sad than funny.

  3. rex ryan is a big fat turd who seems to have nothing better to do but talk out of his massive rear end. cromartie is once again hurt and outside of 2 great games against manning he has NEVER been any good.

    and as far as dogging Hall for the contract we gave him...he is earning his money right now so save the hater crap.

  4. Am I the only Skins fan that found Rex's comments to be hilarious? I actualy clapped when I was watching Hard Knocks. Hall's missed tackles from last year and this year warrant Ryan's comments (Hey, tackle him at the line of scrimmage). I'm still pissed we gave him all that money when it could have gone to the OLine. If I remember correctly Delhomme juked Hall to seal a Redskins loss. Now that is sad.


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