Tuesday, December 14, 2010

D******* Hall Gets A Little Too Friendly with Kobe

As I watched the Wizards get picked apart by the Lakers tonight, I couldn't help but notice a man with a bright turquoise Wizards hat sitting next to the Lakers bench. A couple closeups later I realized who the douchebag suspect was......none other than my least favorite Redskin, D******* Hall (yes, I hate him more than Fat Albert).

I can't fully explain why this makes me incredibly mad, but it does. Why can't he sit next to the Wizards bench? Why can't Hall sit with fellow Redskin Chris Samuels, who was also at the game?

Most of all, I can't stand that he felt the need to talk to Kobe Bryant! Kobe has no real friends as far as I can tell, and as much as I respect his game, dislike him as a person even though I've never met him.

Obviously, Kobe did not start the conversation with Hall because Bryant has no people skills. So that means Hall intentionally got a seat by the Lakers bench, probably with the hope of maybe striking up a conversation with Kobe when the Lakers had a sizeable lead. Just liking Kobe would be enough to make me angry, but I'm pretty sure that makes him a groupie. I bet Hall has some fantasy that Kobe and he have a lot in common and that he belongs in such celebrity company.

Dude, you think Kobe is going to come toe Redskin game to be your groupie?

I really didn't need another reason to hate the guy.

(Images courtesy of my sweet TV)


  1. http://blog.redskins.com/2010/12/15/what-deangelo-hall-and-kobe-bryant-chatted-about/#continued

    Nice, blog BTW. But I really don't see the reason to get that upset. Lots of skins at that game. Besides did you happen to the see the lady that Hall was sitting next to. That right there is reason to sit next to Kobe.

  2. To be clear, I wasn't mad that Hall went to a basketball game, although he generally angers me. I was/am mad because:
    1) He likes Kobe, and nobody outside of LA should like Kobe
    2) I shouldn't be surprised, but it seems like he feels he is on Kobe's level. Hall has been an awful cornerback this season, Kobe might be the best player in the NBA - I shouldn't have to explain.

    That lady friend was a fine specimen and could partly redeem Hall except she gets knocked down a few points for her poor choice in male companionship.

    Hall just irrationally angers me at this point.

  3. How would you know Kobe has no people skills? What a stupid blog over nothing.

  4. I will try to keep the Kobe observations brief, but he has no friends. His best friend on the Shaq, Payton, Malone Lakers team was Karl Malone, the guy who was like 15 years Kobe's senior - I'm sure they were friendly, but you can't tell me that's real friendship.

    Kobe clearly awkwardly interacts with his teammates on the bench. I would also point you toward Spike Lee's' documentary 'Kobe Doing Work.' Kobe even edited that a zillion times and still comes across as awkward and unable to understand human interaction.

    Kobe's family doesn't talk to him anymore because they think his wife is with him for the money. Maybe they are wrong, but it just echoes the idea that Kobe doesn't care much for companionship and only cares about competing and basketball.

    It all makes sense when you realize Kobe was an American growing up in Italy, then came to the US and was almost immediately a basketball star. His childhood was anything but normal, and he was likely deprived of having many friends.

    Per the interaction being nothing, yes, I am blowing it out of proportion, but Hall irrationally angers me at this point, and this was just another strike against him.

  5. If it makes you feel any better, you're not the only one Hall irritates. There is no surer way for me to receive cranky emails than to write nice things about DHall. I admire the fact that you a) refer to your anger as "irrational" AND b) still manage to back it up with some data. Most people do neither.

    Anyhow, a belated thanks for noticing this so I had something mildly amusing to cover yesterday.


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