Tuesday, March 1, 2011

John Wall's Excitement Rating

Sorry for the blogging break, but I had a semi-sudden death in the family and have been away from computers for a week. Back to business.....

I posted on this a little over a month ago, but the website Thuuz evaluates the amount of excitement an unbiased fan would get from a game. I provided a little consulting for them and they have now come up with individual player ratings for excitement. This is awesome news, because it will allow for a lot of individual player evaluation using Thuuz's metrics.

Also, we can shove it back in Charles Barkley's face that the Wizards are indeed worth watching because we've got John Wall.

Here is the report from Thuuz. Here is the take from Thuuz, "In summary, John Wall crushes it. He's the top rookie and the #7 player overall, even higher than Blake Griffin. We know this rating system works because 'jumpshooter' Ray Allen and 'Mr. Fundamental' Tim Duncan, are two of the lowest ranked All Stars."

Top Twenty Most Exciting Players of the 2010 – 2011 NBA Season (through the All-Star Break)
Player Excitement per Game Excitement Rank Impact per Game Impact Rank
Williams, Deron 90.9 1 44.7 8
Nash, Steve 85.7 2 40.8 14
Love, Kevin 78.8 3 48.1 2
Rose, Derrick 78.5 4 45 5
James, LeBron 77.8 5 50.1 1
Westbrook, Russell 75.8 6 44.5 9
Wall, John 72.5 7 36.4 29
Paul, Chris 71.6 8 44.8 7
Ellis, Monta 69.8 9 40.8 13
Durant, Kevin 68.9 10 46 4
Felton, Raymond 68.8 11 39.8 19
Griffin, Blake 68.7 12 43.3 12
Calderon, Jose 67.8 13 31.3 64
Wade, Dwyane 66.4 14 43.7 10
Curry, Stephen 64.8 15 36.6 28
Stoudemire, Amar'e 64.7 16 44.8 6
Rondo, Rajon 63.6 17 40 16
Randolph, Zach 62.7 18 39.9 17
Bryant, Kobe 62.4 19 39.7 20
Gordon, Eric 62.2 20 38 24
Additional NBA All-Star Starters not in the Top Twenty
Anthony, Carmelo 61.7 22 39.8 18
Howard, Dwight 59 26 46.5 3
Ming, Yao 21.7 225 21.5 143
Additional NBA All-Star Reserves not in the Top Twenty
Horford, Al 57.5 27 38.9 22
Nowitzki, Dirk 57.1 29 38.1 23
Johnson, Joe 56.6 31 34 45
Gasol, Pau 56.4 33 43.7 11
Ginobili, Manu 49.8 51 36.2 31
Pierce, Paul 49.3 56 34.6 38
Bosh, Chris 45.2 69 33.8 47

As I noted before, a problem with the system is that players from bad teams generate more excitement, but a good way to account for that effect is to compare impact to excitement. Impact measures basic stats such as points, assists, rebounds, etc, so by comparing both, one can see who is generating the most excitement per play, sort of. Jimmy is only 29th in impact, but 7th in excitement. Jose Calderon and Steve Nash also fare well when comparing both numbers.

Fine, Blake Griffin should be #1, but the system has a hard time measuring 1 dunk against another. You must also realize that while waiting for Griffin's highlight reel dunks, watching the rest of his game is not as exciting.

Whatever, just let us Wizards win something this year other than the draft lottery. 

(Image courtesy of probasketballtalk.nbcsports.com)


  1. Did you ignore the fact that Kevin Love is #3 in "Excitement Per Game" for the simple fact that it's indefensible?

  2. The metrics clearly aren't perfect, but I think a huge part of that is that his impact is so high. Players putting up big numbers are the most exciting, and his game impact is 2nd behind only Lebron.

    Love also plays on an awful team, which further boosts his rating. Excitement is generated by making games closer, not creating blowouts. So bad teams are generally behind in games and every point they score is closing the score gap, so is considered more exciting than D-Wade scoring to push the Heat lead from 18 to 20 points.

  3. Disagree with the first comment. Potentially pulling down 20+ boards a game is exciting.

  4. The guy putting up 20+ boards a game is exciting, the fact that you can watch that same guy step behind the 3 point line and knock them down makes me pee my pants.

    With that said, Ray Allen's shot is very pretty and gets me a little hard. I am not sure if that's the same type of excitement.

  5. Alright this excitement can be fun..Amanda Vanderpool CEO


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