Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Sound of Nobody Cares


Did you hear that?

Or that?

That's the sound the Nats 8 game winning streak made in the world, the sound of silence. When the worst team in baseball wins a few games late in the season for an apathetic fan base, does anyone care?

Well, actually, Thomas Boswell does. The article's title indicates that Boswell has deluded himself into thinking the Nat's don't suck, and well, that is what he thinks......maybe he can drive that bandwagon. He is absolutely correct in pointing out that Nats have actually been unlucky this year, according to their run differential/pythagorean record. So instead of having 40 wins, we should have 47 or 48.

Wait one more time, he actually thinks its a good thing that we should actually have 47 to 48 wins and be only the 3rd worst team in baseball?!? Wow, amazing, how much are season tickets again? Hey Boswell, I have a turd sandwich I can sell you that should taste better than it does, but actually tastes like poop.

He then goes on to point-out that we have a solid core group of hitters. This is reasonably true, we have 5 hitters having good seasons, but are actually 18th in runs scored, have an absolute abortion of a pitching staff, Jordan Zimmermann on the brink of Tommy John surgery, and not much young talent in the pipeline. I know Drew Storen tore through single-A, but whoopdee-doo, he is no sure thing and there is no depth around him, except for that guy you may have heard about named Strasburg.

So go and have your Strasboner dreaming about a rotation of The Anchorman, Drew Storen, and a healthy Jordan Zimmermann aided by the current lineup that will be boosted by Bryce Harper, but then I have a turd sandwich I can sell you.

By the way, 5 days until the deadline to sign Strasburg..........

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  1. So what's your suggestion? I see a lot of complaining and not much in the way of answers. Anyone can piss and moan. At least they're trying to do something with Storen and hopefully Strasburg. Good thing you're a football fan (mostly). Nats don't need naysayers to make things worse. Call me an optimist, but hopefully this young team will come around. Not so much this year but in the coming years. Have a little patience would ya?

  2. Abysmal post by someone who clearly has no clue about a single player in the Nats farm system. This blog would be a lot more interesting if supported by fact instead of inciteful rip jobs. I can get sophomoric shouting on tons of sites...maybe a reasoned analysis by someone qualified at some point would help. Do you hear that?

    That's the sound the Capitals were making two years ago. Amazing how quick that can change, huh? This team has a WAAAAY better shot at competing in the next 3-4 years than the O's, if for no other reason than their competition. Good luck at perpetual mediocrity in B'More.


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