Friday, August 14, 2009

Why Vick on the Eagles Worries Me...And Should Worry You Too

Out with one felon, in with another! That's how we roll in the NFC East, where football always comes first. Mike Vick joined the Philadelphia Eagles Thursday on a two year deal, and it ain't just for the good publicity. Their backup and theoretical QB of the future, Kevin Kolb, injured his knee so that Detmer guy they've had on and off for like 12 years Vick suddenly became a cheap and appealing contingency option for the Iggs.

This move makes me nervous. While they are busy grooming Kolb for the near future, what's the harm in bringing along someone else to push him, thinks they? A someone else who happens to have a cannon arm and can run a 4.2 40-yard dash?

And what better tutor for Vick to have than McNabb? He overcame his early-career reliance on scrambling, which is exactly what Vick must learn to do to evolve. McNabb (per Vick a "close friend") can also help him deal with the flak to come from PETA and Philadelphia's moronic fan base. Andy Reid, too, is experienced in handling troubled youths.

What's most worrisome perhaps is that Vick is in a no pressure situation. Any yard he gains from now on is a yard no one expected. If he actually learns his position (he already has a year in the WCO under his belt) and puts his athleticism to better use, he could be a dangerous QB; and that would be a nightmare worse than the recurring one I have where Vinny and Danny bump and grind to Lady Gaga's "Poker Face."

I used to look forward to the day the Eagles dropped McNabb, but I don't anymore. It's a crying shame. Whatever, Orakpo will break them all.


  1. Vick's got a maximum of two years on his deal. Mcnabb will still be starting at the point. Not worried.

    Unless you're talking about the Skins offense which, despite having played only one preseason game, worries me quite a bit...

  2. The drafting of Kolb in '08 indicates that the Eagles are ready to drop McNabb as soon as he costs more than he is worth, and that they anticipate it coming soon. Despite success this past season, he is showing signs of his age and may have worn out his welcome in Philly.

    Vick wasn't gonna get more than 2 years anywhere; if he does well it's not far fetched to see him re-signing beyond.

  3. I am assuming that your line about Andy Reid being able to deal with troubled youth was sarcasm. But, seriously, under that fat shit's tutelage, Vick will probably develop a heroine addiction and start a Philly Fanatic fighting ring.


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