Wednesday, September 16, 2009

DCLS Exclusive Interview with Washington Wizard SG Nick Young: Part I of III

I ventured out to LA about a month ago for vacation, doing the tourist thing, and indulged in some Friday LA nightlife. After about twenty gin and tonics, countless bad jokes about all the LA guys wearing Ed Hardy shirts, and a $40 cab ride, my friends and I found ourselves at famed LA late night eating establishment, Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. When we arrived, however, we were subjected to two staples of LA nightlife: a line and a bouncer. But oh my lucky stars, who else was waiting outside but the DCLS Wizards X-Factor himself, LA native Nick Young. We started chatting and Nick agreed to an interview. He'll be checking in periodically throughout the season. And yes, Roscoe's was literally gravy on the evening.....

This exclusive interview has been broken into 3 parts, with the first part being about Nick off the court.

DC Landing Strip: The number one thing everyone wants to know……what’s the haircut plan for the year?

Nick Young: Haha, I dunno, I might keep it simple this year you know. I might go straight Mohawk, every now and then throwin in a couple designs on the side. I might let it grow out a little bit, put some spice on it just to be funny.

DCLS: Staying on the style topic, the Wizards gold 3rd uniforms are absolutely hideous, how do you guys feel about those unis?

NY: Oh they need to change those. I think they should go to the red and white ones, I wanna wear those.....those would be nice if we had those.

DCLS: On to more serious stuff……..I know you’re an LA boy, but DC or LA women?

NY: DC ladies, you know they aight, you know, but, out here (LA), you get the sunshine and you get to see the whole body, not just the face. DC is so cold that you can’t really see everything about a girl, so I’m gonna have to go with LA.

DCLS: What are some of your favorite spots for DC nightlife?

NY: You know, pretty much anywhere. I like Love, when I first got here someone took me to Love the club. I dunno, I like Park and a couple little chill spots, I like to chill, dress up a little, but not too much. It don’t really matter, I just go with the flow.

DCLS: What’s on your iPod?

NY: I got Kanye, Lil’ Wayne, and then I got all West Coast after that, all West Coast. E-40…I try everything man, I listen to everything really, I like Coldplay and all that.

DCLS: I was gonna say “they’re just like us,” but I suddenly feel a lot worse about the Wizards chances this year……

NY: Yeah, yeah, yeah. My teammates get on me for listenin’ to all that. I like Maroon 5 too you know.

DCLS: Ehhhhh…..let’s try this again, favorite TV show?

NY: The Game right now, it’s like a little show about athletes. It came on I think UPN, the show is (literally) called The Game. It kinda went off the air though, it was good, it was was really good, you know, I wish they bring it back. I also watch Entourage and like this new show called Hung or something like that. Yeah, I seen the first one, it started being like a male prostitute, it was kinda, kinda threw me off a little bit. I haven’t seen the new Entourage yet though, I gotta get back on it.

DCLS: Favorite recent movie?

NY: Favorite movie of the year has to be Hangover, hands down. I’ve seen it 2 times, you know, it was a good movie. I wasn’t expecting it to be that funny to me, you know, I got talked into it. And I just seen GI Joe, it was pretty good.

DCLS: I feel slightly better now about the Wizards playoff hopes.

Check back for Part 2 of Nick's interview, which will be posted soon...

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  1. My mistake, that has been edited. As you can tell, I had no idea what he was talking about in that section. I reviewed Nick's responses with him, but missed that mistake in transcription.


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