Wednesday, September 16, 2009

DMV: Nick Young likes Cold Play, Maroon 5

By DC Landing Strip | September 17, 2009

Quiet down class! The Brothers Mottram have called in sick this morning, so we, the DC Landing Strip, will be your sub today. We're new here but we're not naive; so don't think you're getting away with that name-switching shit during roll call.

To start us off this morning, a shameless plug nice light read, as the DC Landing Strip lucks into a Nick Young interview. Continuing a recent trend: local women not doing it for the local athletes. [DC Landing Strip]

The Supreme Court might decide if "Redskins" name is unconstitutional or something. Chief Zee's get-up is likely still safe. [NBC Washington]

Welcome strategy: no more 30 yard cushions for opposing receivers. [Redskins Insider]

Unwelcome strategy: Zorn does not like too much of the shotgun formation, despite Campbell's comfort and success with it. I say shotgun 90% of the time, minimum. [RI]

Big Mike Sellers gets paid commensurate with his 89 Madden 10 rating. Say what you want about Snyder; he takes care of his players. [RI]

Giants fans have a celebration song commensurate with 89 IQ average. Kidding. Maybe. (video) [Stet Sports Blog]

Caps (read: Ovechkin) dominate 2nd Annual SneakerBall Awards as hobnobbing "power-broker" types go school-girl bonkers for Ovi. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Bruce Boudreau: never had coffee and won't touch cheese. Guess he won't be partying with Steinberg any time soon. (video) [NBC Washington]

Don't sleep on Calder Cup Champion and AHL Playoff MVP Michal Neuvirth (age 21) in the Caps' goalie battle. [Washington Post]

The Washington Nationals: unwittingly supporting Palestinian extremism since 2005! [WaPo via Deadspin]

NCAA President Myles Brand has passed away. [CNNSI]

Matt Wieters walk-off home run! The first of thousands. [Camden Chat]

Nats lose, but Ian Desmond keeps hitting. [MASN]

Promising young catcher Jesus Flores' season is done. [All Nats]

Hold on to your hats, it's WNBA Playoff time! The Mystics are looking to make a run at the Attendance Championship for the first time since a few years ago I think. Or was that the Freedom? Didn't they fold? And then come back to life? The whole thing is upsetting. Go Mystics! [Washington Post]

Finally, Agent Zero breaks his media boycott...[Washington Times]

...and will "never be 100 percent"...[Outlet]

...and philosophizes: "What makes me a point guard or not?" [Outlet]

To help synthesize Agent Zero Speak, please, refer to Agent Steinz for the Cliff's Notes. And you thought we'd make you read all the homework. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Today: Rays-O's (7:05), Nats-Phillies (7:05)

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