Sunday, September 27, 2009

Skins @ Lions, 1:00 ET

When the schedule-makers penciled Washington in for a game in Detroit for the second consecutive year, most Skins fans thought it was Christmas come early.

Here we are, though, only two weeks into the season, and the Skins are the popular pick to help the Lions snap their 19 game losing streak. Neat.

Here are some things to remember from last year's game in Detroit, which I attended:

  • Detroit fans are extremely hospitable. Not one fan harassed or heckled me and my buddies, in full Skins attire. In fact, the guys in front of us were so drunk they passed out in the second quarter, while the guys behind us wore fake mustaches, t-shirts that said "2008 Preseason Champions!", and signs that said "Re-Hire Matt Millen!" The Detroit Lions, ladies and gentlemen.
  • We gave up the the Lions' first 1st-quarter points of the season. Ouch.
  • Jim Zorn and Clinton Portis mixed it up on the sidelines for the first of what has seemed like many times. Portis ended the day with 126 yards.
  • Santana Moss dominated the game, with a 50-yard TD reception and unbelievable 80-yard punt return for TD in the 4th quarter that made everyone think, "Why again are we employing Antwaan Randle-El?"
  • Game was over when London Fletcher clocked Calvin Johnson behind the first down marker to end their game-tying desperation drive. Skins won, 25-17.
There are a few things we need to remember to mentally prepare ourselves for today's game:
  1. The Redskins haven't played anywhere near the level they're capable of playing at during the first two games of the season.
  2. The Redskins [usually] play better when everyone is betting against them.
I'm putting my money where my mouth is - the Skins will make it 20. Not only that, but they'll cover the spread, too. JC17 and co. are gonna have a breakthrough day, and I wouldn't be surprised to see a TD out of the defense. Just too much on the line in this one to fall in Detroit.

Rico's prediction: Redskins 34, Lions 17

POST-GAME UPDATE: I am either delusional or retarded. Or both.

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