Thursday, October 1, 2009

Forsberg on the...Caps?

Easy, there - no breaking news here or anything like that.

Before I get in trouble for spreading false rumors, this is a rough outline of the words spoken by Adrian Dater of the Denver Post on Versus Second Intermission Report:

"A big question people are gonna ask Forsberg is whether or not he's coming back to the NHL this year. And If he does I'd expect it to be with an Eastern team. Keep an eye on the Washington Capitals." interesting idea, yet I can think of about 4,875,000 reasons why this has no chance of happening. But wouldn't that be a nice little midseason addition, provided Forsberg is healthy and has something left in the tank.

To reiterate, this was just a closing thought by Dater in his interview. No apparent validity to his statement. Just reporting what I see while sitting on my ass with a beer, enjoying a glorious 3-0...wait, 4-0 (OVECHKIN SCORES AGAIN!) season-opening lead over the Bruins.


  1. Could you imagine a cold swap, Nyls for a healthy Forsberg?

    Kind of makes me die a little bit inside.

    But...then I remember how we pummeled a complete, two(three?)-way team last night... with Theo in goal. Pretty awesome game 1.

  2. I wish we could mandate WaPo sports section to stop covering other area teams and just make it a daily Caps section. last night only made me realize how much the skins/wiz/nats/orioles/mystics blow.

  3. yeah Mystics. they just got swept (2-0, yes the first round of the wnba playoffs are best of 3) in the first round of the playoffs. it crushed me.

  4. There should be a moratorium on this type of innuendo until No. 92 is no longer on the roster.

  5. Anonymous. The wiz do not blow. I hate you.

  6. Wizards winning %: .232
    Nationals winning %: .352

    the wiz are mind-bogglingly bad

  7. You will be eating your words come April Anonymous. I give you a doctor's guarantee.


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