Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week 4: Skins 16, Bucs 13 - Knee Jerk Reactions

"A win is a win is a win is a win is a win is a win."
-Some wise philosopher who was probably a Redskins fan

Sure, it wasn't pretty, but winning ugly is an important part of football. It's encouraging to know that your team can win a game without putting forth its best effort (and let's pray that wasn't their best effort), no matter who the opponent is.

The Skins did what they couldn't do last week, what they did the week before that, and what they couldn't do in their season opener - emerge victorious in an excruciatingly boring (but winnable) football game.

I believe it was Descartes, or someone, who said, "You wanna go undefeated at home and win half your away games. That's a successful season." So here we are, 2-0 at Fedex, with a game in Carolina against a rested Panthers team looming. Win that one, and we're halfway to .500 on the road and primed for a successful year. But for now, let's enjoy the victory while taking solace in the fact that we've played worse than anyone could have imagined coming out of training camp, yet find ourselves in the thick of the playoff race due to a relatively weak schedule. Thank you, NFL Gods.

Some thoughts on the game:

  • The field conditions were horrendous. Does that qualify as some form of home field advantage? Perhaps, but it seemed to affect Clinton Portis more than anyone else. Dude was slipping every other carry.
  • Speaking of Portis, 25 carries for 98 yards is pretty fantastic considering the line he was running behind. Is it just me, or is he getting hit in the backfield FAR TOO OFTEN? Actually, don't answer that.
  • Chris Cooley is awesome in every way and nobody will ever change my mind about that.
  • Reed Doughty led the team with 8 solo tackles. I'll be the first to admit that I was skeptical when it was announced he would start over Chris Horton, but he might have been our best defensive player today.
  • Albert Haynesworth had an extremely quiet day: zero tackles and nary an injury!
  • Big ups on Deangelo Hall for his timely interception. Seemed to swing momentum, which I thought didn't even exist after last week's debacle, in our favor.
  • I think Carlos Rogers could put superglue on his hands and he still wouldn't be able to catch a football. Pathetic.
  • That route by Santana Moss on his 59-yard touchdown was a thing of beauty.
  • I really have no idea what to say about Jason Campbell. So i just won't say anything and we'll leave it at that.
  • Screw it, scratch that. That pass to Portis in the first quarter - you know, the one that was actually a lateral - while he was clearly covered and which was predictably fumbled was the single worst decision I've ever seen Campbell make.
I think I just got a little worked up, so I'll repeat, "A win is a win is a win."


  1. If the chiefs lose next week against the cowboys the will not have played a team that has won a game until the eagles in week 7.

  2. Campbell looked like his ankle was bothering him a bit. Most noticeably on an underthrow in q2 or q3, they showed a replay with him hopping on 1 leg, clearly protecting the bad ankle. He looked the worst he has in awhile, so maybe that was the reason.

    Also, Portis looked the best he was in awhile, like he may have had some concerns about keeping his pockets straight.

  3. We just played a team
    -who fired their offensive coordinator a week before the season
    -that started a 5th round pick who has thrown 5 NFL passes in his life
    -that has a bottom 5 defense in the league
    -whose best player is coming off of his 3rd major knee surgery
    -at home

    and barely squeaked it out. A win is a win is a win, for sure, but perhaps just as pertinent a truth: when you fucking suck, you fucking suck.

  4. A win is a win is a win.

    Keep it together keep it together keep it together.

  5. This year, I have watched 2 Redskins games on television and 2 Redskins games on CBS Sportsline where lines show me 3 yard runs and arrows that go nowhere show the incomplete passes. I have to say, so far it's a wash in enjoyment level.

    The worst part about how much we suck is there are about 7 other teams that are as bad or worse than us. Oakland is awful and playing possibly the worst starting quarterback in history and the worst #1 overall pick. The Chiefs are particularly awful. All of the teams in Ohio truly fit with the miserable theme of the Buckeye state. Buffalo, Tampa and I am still too scared to even mention the winless Titans and Panthers who could run the table. Shit, we could be the worst Redskins team in history, which is awful and still not pick until 10th. 1/3 of the NFL really, really sucks ass.

  6. Don't worry anon. I don't see how we can beat any other team on our schedule. Maybe the Panthers, although next week is a prime candidate for "good team that starts crappily turns season around against dreadful opponent" week. To be sure, I'm speaking from Carolina's perspective here.

  7. Could go either way, remain optimistic.

    Although I can't for the life of me anticipate anyone on our defense tackling DeAngelo Williams.


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