Thursday, November 5, 2009

Oleksiy Pecherov Kicks DC Fans in the Balls

The guy we drafted 18th overall in 2006, 3 spots ahead of Rajon Rondo, finally did something good. The only problem is that he had the best game of his career 5 games after we traded him, almost helping the T-Wolves to an upset of the Celtics.

On a night when the Wiz choked down the stretch, and the Ovie-less Caps era began with a whisper, and the Redskins continue to be a laughinstock, Pecherov just had to kick us in the balls. I was already not a fan of the trade that sent him to Minnesota, but if Pecherov turns-out to be a decent player, I'd consider cutting off my testicles to reduce the pain of having them repeatedly kicked by DC teams.

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  1. Pecherov would be buried on our bench right now. Jamison, Haywood, Oberto, Blatche, and Mcgee would all be ahead of him on the depth chart. Hell, even Paul Davis would give him a run for his money.

    This doesn't bother me one bit. Randy Foye and Mike Miller > Pecherov and Songaila and Ethan Thomas and 5th pick, IMHO.

  2. Must have missed my balls. They feel great!


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