Sunday, November 15, 2009

Redskins Score 20 Points, Sky Falls To Earth

With the game still in progress, the Redskins have FINALLY achieved something every single NFL team has this season (as well as every single college, high school, and pop warner team):

They have scored 20 points! No wait, 24! And there is time for more, possibly!

No matter how this game ends, nor how this season ends, today we can hold hands and sing in joyous harmony. Oh the sweet glory.

UPDATE: Suisham's late FG gave the Redskins 27 points for the first time since Week 2 of last season, when they put up 29 on New Orleans. 14 months. They also won by 10 or more points for the first time since Week 17 of '07 against Dallas. It's a veritable orgy of point-scoring milestones. You know you're bad when a 27-17 win breaks all kinds of streaks. Wait, did I say bad? I meant "are Super Bowl bound." As Doc Walker declared: it's "a return to glory!"

And now, it's Dallas Week.

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