Sunday, January 3, 2010

Week 17 Picks (Late Edition): Happy New Redskins Season!

Just one awful game today, and we were are finally free and back to being offseason champions. I was away and unexpectedly without internet access for the weekend, so was unable to post picks. Better late than never I say (see Cerrato, Vinny), so here are the picks even though all but 1 of the games have already happened. I know this sounds ridiculous and pointless, but if you are gambling on week 17 in any game that does not have playoff implications for both teams, then you are probably really excited right now.

On to the picks..........FO's 'locks of the week' were 9-11 with 3 'locks' this week, their 'reasonable' picks were 30-38, and their 'stay away' picks were 80-65. FO does take into account that starters will sit. Please note that differences in total games picked is a result of us using slightly different spreads.

The standings (with pushes excluded):
Sports Guy: 8-7 last week 123-111 overall (52.5%)
FO: 11-4 last week, 119-114 overall (51.1%)
DCLS: 7-8 last week, 111-122 overall (47.6%)

As usual, the FO picks are listed in order of confidence with home teams in CAPS. Given that I did not post my picks before any of the games occurred, I will only take credit for 1 pick, which is the Skins over the Chargers, because I pick the Skins every week. Considering analysis is pretty pointless right now, I will just track the record of FO through their picks.
  1. Green Bay +3.5 over ARIZONA: 1-0
  2. Jacksonville +1 over CLEVELAND: 1-1
  3. Baltimore -10.5 over OAKLAND: 1-2
  4. New England +7 over HOUSTON: 1-2-1
  5. Cincinnati +10 over NEW YORK JETS: TBD
  6. New Orleans +8 over CAROLINA: 1-3-1
  7. San Francisco -7 over ST. LOUIS: 2-3-1
  8. Kansas City +11 over DENVER: 3-3-1
  9. Philadelphia +3 over DALLAS: 3-4-1
  10. SEATTLE +4.5 over Tennessee: 4-4-1
  11. Chicago -3 over DETROIT: 5-4-1
  12. Pittsburgh -3 over MIAMI: 6-4-1
  13. Atlanta -2.5 over TAMPA BAY: 7-4-1
  14. Indianapolis +8.5 over BUFFALO: 7-5-1
  15. Washington +4 over SAN DIEGO: 8-5-1
  16. New York Giants +8 over MINNESOTA: 8-6-1
Picks will continue through the playoffs; with FO finally over .500, maybe we should get a little excited.......

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