Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hockey Gods Award Caps Magical "Z"

See for yourself. East clinched despite the loss.

Next up (hopefully): The President's Trophy and, if this Hockey God does in fact exist, the Atlanta Thrashers. Say it with me: THE ATLANTA THRASHERS!


  1. Despite the loss tonight, the loss by the Blackhawks makes the magic number for the President's Trophy 7.

  2. Thrashers in the first round would be a gift bested only be first-round eliminations of both the Devils and Penguins by their lower-seeded foes.

  3. Ideal scenario would be Atlanta grabbing the 8, Philly missing out entirely and Pittsburgh finishing No. 2, thereby guaranteeing them at least two playoff rounds before they'd meet the No. 1 overall seed, assuming we get to the ECF.


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