Sunday, March 28, 2010

15 Losses in a Row Stinks, Unless You're Trying to Get John Wall

I just quickly spoke to Nick Young as he was cleaning his house this evening. A) Shouldn't he be able to hire someone to do that? B) They're just like us! Some quick tidbits from our talk:

On the losing streak: "We're going to get one soon."
I hope so, there are only 10 games left and we get the 9-win Nets in a week.

On the locker room: "We're doing fine, it's still upbeat now."
I'm a little surprised at this, as 15 losses and Andray Blatche going salty against Flip leads me to believe there would be a lot of tension. Young Sushi seemed completely honest and said it without me really prying, though, so I believe him.

On the Andray Blatche-Flip Saunders situation: "I dunno, I dunno."
This sounded like he was clearly avoiding giving me any information, which leads me to believe there is a lot of action going on behind the scenes and that Andray and Flip are still not getting along.

On John Wall: "I haven't watched a lot of (the NCAA tournament), but Wall's good, Wall's good."
Oh, he is better than good...Nick was surprised when I said I think Wall is better than Derrick Rose, but look at these high school highlights (there are plenty of highlights from Kentucky, but these are far more entertaining):

Oh sweet Jesus please yes.

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  1. John Wall's high school highlight tape is the dankest of the dank. Only Josh Smith's compares.

  2. John Wall IS better than D. Rose. Also, at this point can we assume he took his own SATs, until evidence to the contrary comes out?


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