Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Live Blogging: Caps @ Panthers

Because my brain is for the most part an untapped gold mine (did I just insult myself?), I thought I'd keep somewhat of a live blog for tonight's Caps game. I filtered out some of the less interesting stuff to keep it concise. Unfortunately, I forgot to note game times in my bullet points. Whatever, guessing is fun!

First Period

  • Off to a good start. I can only hope this is like the last two games the Caps played without Ovechkin (6-2 over FLA, 8-2 over PHI).
  • 1-0: Nice job by Semin on that rebound. He's looking not too shabby in his first few shifts.
  • Very strange first unit on our second power play of the night - Green, Semin, Backstrom, Knuble, and Fleischman. Strange because it appeared Knuble was manning the point with 52. Never thought I'd see him more than 8 feet away from the net on the man advantage.
  • 2-0: Oh my lucky stars! Brendan Morrison did something good - he shot the puck like he never does as Chimera crashed the net like he always does! The apocalypse is upon us!
  • Caps really look in control here. A big fat "I'm a Washington Capital, I'm better than you and I know it, with or without Alex Ovechkin" to the rest of the league?
  • Theodore continues to be very solid, especially in first periods.
  • 2-1: And right when I say that, Reinprecht goes glove side high. It was absolutely labeled, so can't really blame Theo, but you'd love your goalie to rob one or two of those every game.
  • Thank Jebus for the intermission because that third plate of pasta was a bad, bad idea.

Second Period

  • 3-1: Oh my lucky stars! Brendan Morrison did something good - he picked up a loose puck like he always does and buried it like he never does! The apocalypse is upon us!
  • It's funny that pirates are always looking for buried treasure, when in fact the real treasures are the friendships they're making. Jack Handey was a swell guy, wasn't he?
  • 4-1: Oh my lucky stars (notice a theme here?)! Brendan Morrison did something good - he kept up with his linemates like he never does and made a slick cross-ice pass like he always never does! The apocalypse is upon us!
  • The more I think the more my head hurts it's very difficult to imagine Eric Fehr in a Capitals uniform next year. Backstrom is going to command at least $7 million per year, if the Kane/Toews contracts provided any barometer, and you have to imagine the team is going to look to upgrade down the middle or on the blue line. Fehr's career year - in limited ice time no less - is likely to net him at least a $3 million offer, something GMGM will be hard pressed to match.
  • Theo, still lookin' sharp my man. Threeormore? How about Notanymore.
  • 5-1: Great stuff by Laich on the doorstep. I thought for a second there Vokoun was gonna commit highway robbery on 21 for the second time tonight.
  • Speaking of Vokoun, who has looked helpless against the Caps attack, he just got yanked. Would it be surprising if he played shitty to spite Panthers management for not trading him to tonight's opponent? Very, but it's still cool to think about.
  • You know what else is cool to think about? Bubble Tape. Haven't had that in 5, maybe 6 years.
  • 5-2: It's funny how often we give up a goal IMMEDIATELY after we score a goal. This time: 22 seconds.
  • 6-2: You know what else is funny? And by funny I mean incredibly awesome? How often we score goals in general. Backstrom knocking on the door for his first 30 goal campaign.
  • Tomas Fleischman could never again shoot with his backhand and I wouldn't even care. Backstrom needs to teach him how to get under the puck on the other side of the blade because I've seen him miss a breakaway with that backhand deke far too often.
  • Intermission. Fifteen minutes is just enough time to run to the 7/11 for some Bubble Tape and cigarettes. I promise not to eat them at the same time.

Third Period

  • For those of you who have read this far, seek help. Or become my best friend.
  • The beginning of this period is, believe it or not, a more dominating display of hockey than the first two. Just constant pressure in the Florida zone. We've got them on a yo-yo, just stringing them around, toying with them. I'm enjoying this thoroughly.
  • But it's hard for me to tell if the Caps are really that good, or the Panthers are really that bad...
  • ...but then I realize deep down inside, it's not hard at all, and I knew the answer all along. It's c) All of the above.
  • I know it, you know it, the guy who messed up his taste buds by using too much Tobasco on his Chipotle knows it: Gushy Grape has always been better than Awesome Original. And don't even get me started on Sour Green Apple or Ragin' Blue Rasberry.
  • I'm talking about Bubble Tape, by the way. Rookies.
  • Wow. Fleischman to Backstrom to Fleischman would have been the prettiest goal of the year. Too bad Flash wasn't able to get the lumber on that one.
  • 7-2: Phenomenal effort by Brooks Laich. How on earth did that squeeze through Clemmensen's pads? Because Brooksie owns the bakery and everyone else is a peasant.
  • By the way, I'm not sure which Florida defenseman slammed Brooksie's head into the ice not once but twice after his goal, but I am sure that I hate him. You know what? Wouldn't be surprised if it was Colin Campbell's son, Gregory. Oh, sweet irony!
  • Have we been on the power play all game long? Are the Panthers not even trying? Do these pants make me look fat?
  • 7-3: Garbage goal at the end for Florida. I hate those if only for the inflation of Theodore's stats. Those imbeciles who didn't actually watch the game will assume he was his "usual" mediocre self, when in fact he was pretty spectacular all game long and the last two goals he gave up were the result of lackadaisical defense more than anything else. Whatever. A win is a win is a win.
  • Game over. Just another day at the office.
  • 6-0 against the Panthers on the year. They're gonna be tough in the playoffs, though! Kidding. But wouldn't that be nice...

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