Saturday, March 20, 2010

Uspet du Jour Bodes Well for Terps

The Maryland Terrapins have been handed a golden opportunity by the college basketball Gods after Northern Iowa's stunning upset of top seeded Kansas.

If they beat Michigan State tomorrow they would avoid a nightmarish matchup with the bigger, stronger, and frankly more talented Jayhawk squad, and instead face the suddenly frisky Panthers.

What's that, you say?

"Northern Iowa beat Kansas; why couldn't Maryland? You're a loser and a moron, and you smell like cheese."

Well, sorry douchebag, I did not like that potential matchup with Kansas one bit for all of the above reasons and the simple fact that they would have no trouble getting up for another high seeded, power conference team. They fell asleep against UNI, and you just can't do that against pesky little white guys who can stroke the three-ball, especially in the last minute of the game.

Back to the Terps, they are more than capable of beating this Michigan State squad. While I am looking ahead, it is important that Gary Williams keeps his players focused on the Spartans. I'm so sick of hearing all this talk about Tom Izzo.

"But he's an amazingggggg coach."

I'm not denying that. But you know what? Gary Williams is no slouch and he will surely be headed to the Hall of Fame one day.

Shut 'em up, Terps. UNI awaits.

[Image: NBC Sports via Ronald Martinez / Getty Images]


  1. College basketball in the D.C. area is dead for the season. It's sad that it ends with coach Tom "Inverted Penis" Izzo. I can't wait to watch that ass licker cry when Northern Iowa sends them back home to the hell that is the state of Michigan.


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