Sunday, April 18, 2010

Are the Caps in Halak's Head?

At around the 1:45 mark of this interview, Ovechkin stated the following in regards to Montreal goalie Jaroslav Halak:

"I was watching the replay when Fehrsie scored the goal [in Game 2]. And his arm was shaking when he drink water. He is nervous. He knows all the pressure is on him and it's a good sign for us."

I watched the goal highlight again, and sure enough around the 0:16 mark...

Looks like a shaky goalie to me. We'll see if it translates to Halak's home ice too. Safe to say, though, Halak's facing an offensive giant that has awoken from its slumber. And he knows it.


  1. My take has been that the Caps have been on cruise control for awhile now and gotten by on sheer talent. This concerned me entering the playoffs, as every team would bring a higher level of intensity that Caps just aren't used to playing with or against.

    I think losing game 1 and falling behind in game 2 may actually be good for us, as we finally have that fire lit under our collective ass. As Red Rover said, "an offensive giant that has awoken from its slumber."

  2. I think that canadiens are going to win because halak is going to bring up the cup stanley.


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