Sunday, April 18, 2010

Not Even Baseball Jesus Can Save the Orioles

Today's game notwithstanding, the Orioles have been absolutely destroyed by their early season schedule and life isn't getting any easier with 12 straight games against the Yankees and Red Sox starting on Friday. Not only are we the worst team in baseball by our 2-11 record, but after only 13 games, we are 2.5 games behind the 2nd-worst team!

We're certainly not 0-18 bad, but here are the quick stats:

The huuuge caveat amidst the depression is that this season is about developing our young talent, but our savior, Matt Wieters, has a .673 OPS, 1 homerun, and 0 times impatiently homering from the on-deck circle. Nick Markakis is doing nothing to prove last year was a fluke by posting a .771 OPS, and Adam Jones is at .675. Down on the farm, Chris Tillman is 0-3 with a 8.38 ERA despite a solid K/BB ratio of 10/4 and not allowing any HRs. Jake Arrieta, meanwhile, has a K/BB ratio of 7/6, and Brandon Erbe is 7/4 with a 7.45 ERA.

As far as bright spots, Felix Pie has continued to show he may actually be an okay hitter and major leaguer and our new hope and savior, Brian Matusz has been awesome, leading the AL in K's and trailing only Lincecum in all of MLB, having a K/BB ratio of 23/7, not allowing 1 HR, and improving his ground ball/fly ball out ratio with each game. Billy Rowell has finally started hitting in Frederick, and Zach Britton is off to a good start in Bowie, but that's about it.

We need this Cal Ripken coup ASAP.

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  1. What is so fucking annoying is that we are losing games from stuff we are supposed to be good at. The Orioles decided to spend 8 million dollars this offseason to get a closer, who blew the first 3/4 games, and now hurt his arm. Also the Orioles were supposed to have "one of the best lineups" and can barely produce more than 3 runs a game? ....Should i even mention the 11-50 (something like that) RISP??

    Its god awful and we are only going to get worse considering all of the injuries we have. Screw "rebuilding"- we should easily be above .500. If we stay as sucky as this next week, Trembley better be gone.

  2. Diamond Dave's days are numbered. No way he makes it through May, in my opinion.

    Ty Wigginton - another bright spot in a depressing first couple weeks. Who'd a thunk it?


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