Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Grandmama Leaves the Building!

Hallelujah! The Redskins finally admitted a mistake today and cut RB Larry Johnson. Maybe the offensive line isn't producing holes for the running game, but fact is that Larry Johnson stinks. As I wrote when we signed him,

"...LJ is even worse than most people realize. How bad? By Football Outsiders' metrics, he was the 2nd worst RB in the league last year! He was 64th out of 65 RBs with 100+ carries. On the bright side, he was the the 97th best pass-catching RB, although he was really only ahead of a few fullbacks. So instead of following the seemingly smart plan used by the Eagles, Chargers, and few other teams of taking a young RB to groom and split carries, we basically signed a locker room cancer who might be the worst at his position in the league."

You're damn right I just quoted myself. See that picture in the top right? LJ looks pretty slick there but is actually running backwards for what would be a 10 yard loss. He appears to think very highly of himself and is a world-class dick on top of his pathetic performance.

I know he only had 5 carries, which is a tiny sample size, but has already been the 3rd worst RB in the league on a per play basis. There is no fountain of youth, LJ was a horrifically bad signing from the start. His roster spot should have been used on a better player (just about anyone) who is young with some upside.

The running game can only go up from here, and almost anyone taking LJ's place will be an improvement. Good riddance!

(Image courtesy of www.washingtonpost.com)


  1. I am not a fan of LJ, except he has an awesome birthday, but cutting him is not likely to open holes up for Portis. If only we could somehow convince Portis to become a fullback/ 2nd running back and get someone young, that would be great.

  2. That was in no way intended to make any point claiming we should keep Larry. I just wanted to clarify that. Just looking at what he didn't do at KC last year, then what Jamaal Charles was able to do with the same team says it all.


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