Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 2: Texans 30 - Redskins 27: Knee Jerk Reactions

Football season is finally upon us! The hair pulling, TV-screaming, remote control throwing and furious cigarette smoking has finally commenced. Before I let rationality cloud my judgment, here are my knee-jerk reactions from the second game of the season:

31, 9, 11, 16, 25, 23. I only wish those were the Redskin point-scoring totals of our last 6 games. Those are actually the rankings of the Redskins special teams from 2004-2009, the years Danny Smith has been in charge. Let me throw another number at you: 9. That's the Skins special teams ranking in the year before he arrived. How does Danny Smith still have a job?!? Just because he seems so peppy, but the special teams have only gotten worse since he arrived, and generally been awful. Instead of slowly bleeding us to death, we got stabbed in the heart. I know that the blocked FG was not the only play to cost us the game, but seriously, enough is enough. Dan Snyder, in his infinite wealth, could lure just about any guy he wants, but sticks with Danny freaking Smith, astounding.
  • Double-move and D******* Hall were victimized pretty equally today. Kevin Walter wrecked double-move.
  • Rak has to do more than that. I know they doubled him quite a bit, but other than the one sack he seemed pretty quiet to me. The stats show a couple QB hits, a TFL, and the one pass he tipped, but he wasn't the constant terror we need.
  • Laron Landry had a modest 11 tackles, but still had a great game. I only see 1 sack in the stats, but thought he had 2. I noted that he did missed plugging a hole on one of Foster's better runs, but made a lot of important tackles and has all over Schaub.
  • The corpse of Joey Galloway ghosted downfield on that 62 yard reception and the oh-so-slight McNabb overthrow. That is the good, but 3 catches in 7 targets is not, and those 4 incompletions were among only 10 thrown by McNabb.
  • I was in Portis' corner, but this has to get better. We win that game if we can run down the clock with a few first downs on the ground.
  • Larry Johnson really thinks he can bounce backward and then around the entire defense?
  • I thought we all agreed McNabb wouldn't throw to Mike Sellers anymore.
  • I am still not a big McNabb believer, and he missed a few throws today, but Campbell never makes any of those long throws.
  • On the game-deciding 4th down play, how about we double team the best WR in the league with the best guys we've got instead of leaving the short white guy who can't cover on him. I realize Phillip Buchanon should have been there, but why is our #3 corner on Andre Johnson!
  • Free safety is a major area of concern. Doughty and Horton are not good enough.
  • Trent Williams better be okay. I was surprised the Texans didn't switch Mario Williams to going against Heyer on the left side on every play after the injury.
  • Ovie in this Capital One commercial definitely is helping me stay sane:

  • The TV show Airwolf, was on when I immediately clicked off the game, and was actually the primary reason I didn't jump off of my balcony. One hilariously bad thrill ride. I'd never heard of it, but immediately turned it on after reading the description in my TV guide, "The better of two helicopter shows (1984)." There were multiple helicopter shows in 1984?
  • Looking at the schedule ahead and considering what I've seen from 2 weeks of football, I have the Skins going 9-7 right now. We are also still in first place, and St. Louis next week should be the cure for what ails.

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  1. You have never heard of Airwolf? In 1985, I dressed up as the guy from airwolf for halloween complete with helmet and flight suit and a little scale model of that badass helicopter. The early 80's was the greatest time over for hour long television shows: Airwolf, A-Team, Dukes of Hazzard, Knight Rider, Fall Guy, Greatest American Hero, Magnum PI, damn those were some great shows.

  2. I was but a wee lad back in 1985, far too young to appreciate such a fine show. I am now jealous I could not experience that period to its fullest.

    Do you know what the other helicopter show was in 1984? The not as good one? I need to find it.

  3. Blue Thunder maybe? It was a movie and then a show that didnt last long, have no idea which year. Didnt know much about that show. But the movie wasnt bad. I was in 1st grade through 3rd grade during the hayday of those type of shows. I was the most popular kid in my kindergarden class when I showed up with the fall guy truck on bring a toy to school day. I ran that bitch after that, dressed up as micheal knight one year for halloween too, and my favorite was the year I went as Howling Mad Murdock.


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